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the meaning behind the Unalome

Origin and meaning

The Unalome is both a Buddhist and a Hindu symbol. It represents the path to freedom. Or slightly more down-to-earth, your life's path. The sign consists of three parts: the spiral, the swirl, and the dots at the end. You read the Unalome from bottom to top.

The spiral

The spiral represents the direction. Is your life going up or down? Your thoughts don’t have an off button. With bumps, potholes, detours, and unexpected encounters you become more and more aware. The spiral represents the state before you spiritually awaken.

The swirl

After the spiral comes the swirl, which gets smaller and smaller and turns into a straight line. When you are aware of your thoughts, you can become introverted. You have more focus and clarity; the road is less winding.

The straight line

When you get out of the swirl, you suddenly see everything very clearly. Like a straight line. The road is pure, that’s where you are free and reach enlightenment. Your end goal. So there you are, a beautiful doodle with an even more beautiful meaning. 

Practicing with the Unalome

In our lookbook you’ll find an Unalome. Print it, place a paper on top of it and trace the line. Repeat that movement. Practice until it comes naturally. Meanwhile, reflect on your life, without trying to change anything. Write down all the insights that come to mind in a storybook. You can also draw the Unalome in a sketchbook. Are you with a friend? Draw one on each other’s backs at heart level. 

We are family

We love to inspire you, with lucky tools that are made fair trade in Nepal. Our artisans are like family. We take care of each other. By creating jewelry they earn more than a living wage, so we call them lucky jobs. With our jewelry and gifts we encourage you to grow. That’s why we call them lucky tools. Sometimes we just feel like inspiring you. Fancy some more inspiration? Read our stories here

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