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moonstone gives you female power

Moonstone is a true storyteller from Hindi and ancient Greece. Stories from the first land dwellers. They all have the same message: moonstone is a real woman’s stone that encourages and protects you with its wise lessons. 

In your female power 

In Greek, moonstone is called Selene, after the moon goddess. She was worshipped and black lambs, dogs, and honey were offered to her. The symbol of Selene is a willow with graceful branches. The willow represents fertility, as does moonstone. That's why moonstones were placed near trees and plants to increase the crop yield.  

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Moonstone protects and brings beautiful dreams 

In Hindi, moonstone is called Chandrakanta: woman of the moon. In India, moonstone is believed to bring the wearer many beautiful dreams. And the Romans believed that moonstone was formed from frozen moonbeams. How beautiful is that! Nowadays, women who would like to become pregnant, are pregnant, or have just given birth often wear moonstone. Women in Arab countries sew moonstone into their clothing in a non-visible place. For fertility, protection, and feminine wisdom. 

Of course, you would like to show that beautiful moonstone. Make her shine wearing your favorite outfit. In a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or anklet. Combined with silver or gold. Moonstone always matches.  

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Women empowerment 

Talking about female wisdom. Women empowerment is very important to us. At Beads for Life, the workshop in Kathmandu (Nepal), women get the chance to build an independent life. To get jobs as jewelry makers. We’ve been working together since 2008 on our lucky tools. Handmade jewelry with glass beads and powerful gemstones. A fruitful collaboration, to say the least.  

You can read here how we make an impact. Jewelry with moonstone attributes to that. Girlpower! 

To the moon and back  

Moonstone comes in different colors: gray, brown, yellow, green, and pink. We use mainly white moonstone for our lucky tools. That’s because white represents a new beginning. New life. We think that fits nicely with the symbolism of moonstone. The milky sheen of this gemstone adapts to you. Wherever you are, whatever you wear. A gemstone that loves you, to the moon and back again. Which makes it suitable to make someone happy and say how much you care. 

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