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Valentine's Day is more than secret lovers, cupids, and roses. It’s the day when you think about how much someone means to you. Nienke, our content specialist, does this together with her sister, Ilse. In this blog they talk about their special connection.

7 ways of going inside

The new year has begun. Everywhere we talk about good intentions and want to do all kinds of things. But what if you didn't set the bar so high for yourself this season? And bring some peace into the busy days. That way you'll get into a positive flow and the rest will almost happen by itself. Cathelijne, founder of A Beautiful Story, takes you through her favorite ways to go within.

a dream in jaipur

Our notebooks can't wait for your stories. You can entrust them with all your inspiration and thoughts. But did you know that they tell a special story themselves?
It’s the season to go inside. But sometimes you don’t feel the way you’d like. Fortunately, there’s always help if you're stuck. Just look for it. Eva Kapitany is a trainer and coach. From the very beginning, she has been by our side. Eva helps us to go inward. And to find solutions there. We jokingly call it our periodic checkup. Our founder Cathelijne and Eva talk about this process.
The jewelry brand will double the additional proceeds to support financial education in Nepal.

how we make an impact

"Empowerment is independence," is a quote from Nimdiki Sherpa, one of our Nepali producers. It seems a funny contradiction: you need several people to be independent. You can’t make an impact by yourself. Read our impact principles here.

together we rise

Every woman has her own story. From Kathmandu to Amsterdam. A story can inspire. And motivate. A story that sticks with you is a story that does something. It shows you that anything is possible. This season, we celebrate the connection women can have and all their unique stories. Cathelijne, founder of A Beautiful Story, talks about what this theme means to her in this blog.
There are over 5,500 organizations around the world that can call themselves Benefit Corporations, including recently A Beautiful Story. A B Corp meets strict requirements when it comes to social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. B Corps prove that they are making a positive contribution to society, and that making a profit goes hand in hand with that.
Esther is buying and production coordinator at A Beautiful Story. She often collaborates with Bhavani, the production coordinator at Artisans workshop. Many of our lucky tools are made in this Nepali workshop. Due to the long distance, Esther and Bhavani mainly communicate over the phone. Last April, when Esther visited Nepal, they were finally able to meet in person.

the story of Ashirwaad

In 2005, an American organization started a group with nine Indian women: Ashirwaad. They specialized in handicrafts. When the American founder passed away, the group was on its own. Thanks to the fair trade organization CRC, they got the opportunity for employment and income again. Read the story of this special group of women in this blog.
The new jewelry with the 4 gemstones of the season can't wait to make you shine. Which one suits you best? Discover the meaning of each gemstone in this blog.

the story of Dio & Loreen

Dio is from New York and is a logistics coordinator at A Beautiful Story. Her friend Loreen is from Chicago and working next door the office of A Beautiful Story. They’ve only known each other for 1 year but had an instant connection.

the story of Esmee & Paula

Esmee designs the collections at A Beautiful Story. She is very close with her mother Paula. In this blog, they talk about their bond, the recognition in each other and what Esmee learned from her mother.
Maryam did a traineeship at A Beautiful Story last year in which she did research on social media. She met Larissa 4 years ago during their studies. In a short time, a beautiful friendship started.
Pitta, sales support at A Beautiful Story, visited spiritual coach and trainer Danielle for a session in 2010. Their meeting changed Pitta's life.
Carnelian gives you energy and cheers you up. Your personal coach among gemstones. With carnelian, you move forward with confidence. You surrender to change. That’s because carnelian gives you creativity and the courage to make your dreams come true.
In need of some extra confidence for an exciting step you’re about to take? A trip, a new job, or a new house? Aventurine goes with you, and together, you can start something festive. Because aventurine gives you that little extra push you need.
Labradorite brings out the best in you and contributes to a beautiful radiance. Breathe in, breathe out. Follow your intuition. Are you ready?
Whether it's a sincere friendship or a deep connection with a family member, lapis lazuli is here for the two of you. Lapis helps you connect. From your wisdom and the way you communicate.
Mother's Day is all about being a mother or having a mother. Or about someone else you have a special bond with. A bond that can be sweet and loving but also challenging or complicated. One thing is certain: we all need a mother figure in our lives. Show how much you love that special woman.
At A Beautiful Story, we think it's important that - wherever you live - you get the same opportunities. Women and men. But in March, we are especially in solidarity with all women all over the world, because March 8th is International Women's Day.
Moonstone represents girlpower, protection and personal growth. It’s a true woman’s stone. This magical gemstone is a perfect gift for pregnant women and new moms. Or just for yourself.
Every year, our impact manager Eva visits our workshops. She does this together with Lana, an impact strategist and Anouk, our contact person in Nepal. During their last visit, they met Ganga and Yashica. Read their touching story.
Smoky quartz grounds you and helps to manifest your true self. Do you want to take a break? Consider smoky quartz. Do you want to achieve your goals? Smoky quartz. Discover the mysteries of smoky quartz and move forward. What do you want smoky quartz to help you with?

rose quartz gives you love

Rose quartz is the sweetest. The stone of love. For yourself and for others. We tend to be strict with ourselves. Rose quartz embraces you and loves you. With its loving and feminine energy, rose quartz is a source of peace and harmony. In relationships with others, and even more important, in relationship with yourself.
On Valentine's Day you show your beloved a little extra attention. With a handmade gift that will be cherished for years. Our artisans in Nepal created all our items with love and special care. How do you celebrate love? Together or alone? Whatever you do, dress up beautifully for the occasion. Below are some tips to make it an unforgettable day.

symbol - heart

We don’t have to tell you that the heart is the symbol of love. You can feel it in your veins. When you are in love, your heart skips a beat. If you open your heart, there’s room for love. And if you listen carefully, you can hear that your heart has a voice. That voice will show you the way.

gemstones for autumn

While the weather is lovely right now in Nepal with clear skies and stunning views, in the Netherlands we slowly turn our focus inward. Are you having a hard time transitioning to a new season? These gemstones will help you to beat the blues.

Find your treasure

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewelry? These treasures for the holidays are limited edition. The philosophy behind the collection: we all have our own unique treasure. A talent or a story. Celebrate the differences, celebrate yourself. Designed with love and honestly handmade in Nepal.

let's go inside

The changing of the seasons, it's part of life. Waves washes in and retreat in ebb and flow, trees bloom and let go again. The mercury drops, the wind picks up. We turn inside, into a new season. Will you join us?
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