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Celebration Lapis Lazuli Blue Lace Agate Silver necklace


about this stone

blue lace agate brings togetherness.

employment opportunities your purchase provides employment in Nepal.

This necklace is made of a silvered brass rosary chain, faceted lapis lazuli gemstones and an oval blue lace agate gemstone.

Lapis lazuli makes friends everywhere. Lapis lazuli is not only wise but also makes connections easily. A gift with this deep blue gemstone is a nice way to celebrate a precious friendship.

Dreading a difficult conversation? Blue agate always remains calm. The gemstone of communication will help you get your true message across. Together, you’ll get to the heart of the matter.

Product number: AW26533
Length: 42 - 47 cm
Producer: Artisans Workshop
gemstone: Blue Lace Agate , Lapis Lazuli
color: Blue, Light Blue, Silver
power: Contact, Friendship
Gemstone: Blue Lace Agate, Lapis lazuli
Power: Contact, Friendship

  • The Netherlands € 1,95
  • Germany € 3,95
  • EU € 4,95
  • Outside the EU € 9,95