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Exchanges and returns

Can I exchange my order?
No, that’s not possible. Do you prefer another lucky tool? You can return your products. We'll refund you as soon as possible, so you can place a new order. 

Can I return my order?
Of course. If the lucky tools aren’t used, damaged or worn you can return them. Make sure you return everything complete, with price tags attached to the items. You can return the products within 14 days. The shipping costs are for you.

What return costs do I have to pay myself?
These costs are for your own account.

How do I register my return?
Step 1: Put the items together with your completed return form in your parcel. Make sure the original tags are still attached to the products.

Step 2: Write our return address on your parcel:

A Beautiful Story
Turnhoutseweg 22A
5541 NX Reusel

Step 3: Simply drop off your parcel at a post office near you. 

Step 4: Keep your track & trace code*

*It is not obligatory, but we advise you to ship your return with a track & trace code. 

What are your return conditions? 

  • Returns can be made within 14-days after you’ve received your lucky tools. Do you return the products after this period? Then your return will be sent back to you.
  • The costs and the risk of shipment are for your own account.
  • We only accept your return if the lucky tools are returned in original condition including labels. Damaged and/or used items will be refused and returned to you.
  • Non-identifiable returns will be stored at our warehouse for a maximum of 1 month. Is your return not being processed? Please contact our customer service. After 1 month the parcel will be processed through our own administration and we can’t find it anymore.

I have returned my order. When will I receive my money back?
We process returns as soon as possible and at least within 14 days. Once we have processed your return, you will be notified by our customer service about your refund.

How will I be refunded?
We will refund you with the same means of payment you used to pay. Did you pay a part of your order with a gift voucher? Then you will also receive a gift voucher back for this amount.


Which payment methods can I use?
We want to make it as easy as possible for you. You can pay for your lucky tools via:

  • iDEAL (Netherlands)
  • Apple Pay
  • Paypal
  • Bancontact (Belgium)
  • Sofort Banking/Giropay (Germany)
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Our gift voucher/discount code

Do your prices include VAT?

Placing an order

How do I place an order?
If you already have an account with us, please log in first. Don't have an account yet? That's fine. You can continue on. Find your lucky tool and click on the button add to shopping cart. Your article is now in your shopping cart. If you click on the shopping cart symbol at the top right of your screen, you’ll see what's in it. 

Do you have a discount code or a gift voucher from us? Enter your code in the bar at the bottom of your screen stating enter your voucher code. Press enter and your discount will be deducted from your total order amount. 

Then click order, fill in your details and choose a payment method. Accept our terms and conditions and click confirm. The system redirects you to your payment method. Have you paid? Then your order has been placed. We’ll send you a confirmation e-mail. If you create an account after you’ve ordered, placing an order is even easier next time.  

Can I change/cancel my order?
You can’t make any changes once you've ordered. Did you order less than half an hour ago? Call our customer service and we'll check if we can still cancel your order.  

I haven't received a confirmation, what happens next?
Maybe the confirmation is in your spam box. Can’t find your confirmation? Mail our customer service and we'll help you. 

Can my order be gift-wrapped?
We pack all jewelry in a nice box or cotton bag with a hand-painted illustration. The gemstone cards, the jewelry cards, the rings, the notebooks and the brooches are not wrapped. They already have a nice card included. Let us know if you want these lucky tools wrapped. We'll send your order without the invoice, and you'll receive the packing note without the prices.


Where can I get my lucky tools delivered?


Shipping costs



€ 2,95

Mailbox delivery


€ 3,95

Parcel delivery






€ 4,95

Parcel delivery

United Kingdom







Czech Republic

€ 6,95

Parcel delivery





€ 9,95

Parcel delivery

We usually deliver via PostNL or DPD. Orders within the Netherlands almost always fit through the mailbox. So you don't have to stay at home.

Please note that countries outside the EU may levy additional taxes.

What is your delivery time?
PostNL delivers 98% of mailbox mail the next delivery day. That means 2% comes a little later. That is why we set a delivery time of 1-3 working days in the Netherlands. In Europe the delivery time is 3-6 working days and outside Europe 6+ working days.

According to the track & trace my parcel has already been delivered, but I haven’t received it. Where is my package?  If you’ve received a track & trace code from us, you can check where your parcel is via PostNL or DPD. It’s possible your parcel was accidentally delivered to your neighbors. Have they not received your order? Send an e-mail to our customer service.

I received the wrong item. How do I get the right lucky tool?
Oops, someone got confused when packing your order. Mail our customer service and we’ll help you sort it out. 

My order arrived damaged. How do we solve this?
We’re sorry to hear that. Mail our customer service and we'll look for a solution together.    

There is an item missing from my order. Is it still on its way?
6 lucky tools fit in a mailbox package. Have you ordered more than 6? Then something may still be on its way. Mail our customer service and we’ll help you sort it out.

Maintenance and warranty

How does my jewelry stay beautiful?

  • Do you wear make-up or use hairspray or perfume? Put it on first and then put on your jewelry as the finishing touch.
  • Our jewelry doesn’t like water. So take your jewelry off when cleaning, showering or swimming.
  • Keep your jewelry in a place where it's dry. So your bathroom is not the best idea.
  • Chemicals, extreme temperatures and harsh sunlight don’t go well with your jewelry.

Advice for maintaining silver, silver-plated, gold-plated and gemstones
Does your sterling silver and silver-plated jewelry have a dark (brown or black) tarnish? We recommend cleaning them occasionally (light rubbing) with a special cloth containing anti- tarnish agent. Make sure that gemstones do not come into contact with anti-tarnish agent or other chemicals. These can only be rubbed with a soft microfiber cloth. This cloth can also be used to restore shine to gold-plated and silver-plated jewelry.

My article is broken or damaged. What can I do?
We’re sorry to hear that. We want to look for a solution together. Please send an e-mail to our customer service with a photo of your article and your order number.

How long is my warranty period?
Aren’t you satisfied? Send an e-mail to our customer service. You have a 6-month warranty on your lucky tools. Even if your complaint falls outside this period, we would like to hear from you.

Discount codes and gift vouchers

How do I redeem my gift voucher/discount code?
Go to your shopping cart. You can enter your code at the bottom left of the screen. In the bar enter your voucher code. Press enter and your discount will be deducted from your total order amount. Is your code not working? Please check if you are redeeming the correct code. Our voucher code consists of 20 digits and is structured as follows: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. Do you want to know if your discount code is still valid? Send an e-mail to our customer service and we’ll check it for you. 

I forgot to redeem my gift voucher while ordering. What can I do?
Our system can’t redeem your gift card once you’ve completed your order. The good news? You can use it the next time you place an order.

Can I combine multiple gift vouchers in 1 order?
No, you can use 1 gift voucher or 1 discount code per order. Do you want to redeem multiple gift vouchers at once? Please mail your codes to our customer service. We’ll send you a new code. 

About our materials

Are the gemstones in my lucky tool real?
Yes, as far as we can tell. This may sound a bit odd, but we aren’t 100% certain about the origins of the gems. We rely on the professionalism and honesty of our producers and their suppliers. 

What kind of gems do you use?
Before 1967, a distinction was made between semi-precious and precious stones. Diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald were gemstones, rose quartz for example was a semi-precious stone. Nowadays, we just talk about gemstones. We only use natural gemstones for our lucky tools. Some suppliers deepen the color of a stone using a certain technique. Rose quartz, for example, becomes a slightly brighter shade of pink, but it still remains real rose quartz.

What kind of beads do you use?
We use glass beads and brass beads.

Are your products nickel free?
Absolutely, we use brass. All other materials comply with the EU REACH-rules: your jewelry is nickel free.   

What kind of material is silvered or gilded brass?
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. The composition of brass is usually 66% copper and 34% zinc. With silver plating, the brass is coated with a layer of silver. With gilding, your brass lucky tool is covered with a thin coating of gold.  

Are your lucky tools vegan?
Almost all our products are vegan. Some jewelry from older collections still have white or dark brown beads made from horn or bone.   

Are the paper gifts made of recycled paper?
Yes, we use paper with the FSC quality mark. This ensures you that the raw material for the paper comes from responsibly managed forests. And not from a primeval forest or plantations for which tropical rainforest have been cut down. 


I have a complaint, what can I do?
Are you not entirely satisfied? We’d like to make up for that. Let us know via [email protected] and we'll see what we can do for you. You will receive a response within 14 days. Don't you like our solution and can’t we work it out together? You can submit your complaint to the European ODR Platform.