Sustainable Enterprise

A Beautiful Story wants to help make this world a little better. This is why we always think about our impact on the world around us. Sometimes this is a little hard, considering the fact that our products are made in countries halfway around the globe. The jewelry is flown in. Not exactly environmentally friendly...

However, our choice is a conscious one. Our hearts are with the people in developing countries, with those who are tremendously talented and skilled, but for whom the right markets aren’t always available. And so, our focus is on fair trade commerce. We strive to create opportunities for producers in difficult economic situations (read also fair-trade production). And at the same time, we make a real effort to find solutions to the other dilemmas that this entails, such as environmental impact.
See below a small example of what we do.

Responsible printing
A company generates massive amounts of paperwork, such as correspondence and promotional materials. We digitalize as much as possible, but being the true storytellers that we are,
we sometimes need tangible materials to properly promote our brand. Ranging from product leaflets, vendor brochures, but also basic office stationery. We print everything on FSC certified paper (see with organic ink. 

Displays of recycled material
For our points of sale, we create beautiful displays for products. All our suppliers know that plastic is out of the question, all materials must be either biodegradable or recycled.
Currently, we particularly work with scrap wood from construction sites. 

The smallest things maybe seem simple, but can make a huge difference, simply by using common sense in the office.

  • think before you print, is it really necessary or can you read it from the screen
  • double-sided printing; when you do need to print out, use as little paper as possible
  • use energy-saving bulbs
  • wear a sweater instead cranking up the heat, it saves money too
  • healthy and organic lunch products wherever possible
  • ride your bike or use public transport as much as possible
  • green cleaning products