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On Valentine's Day you show your beloved a little extra attention. With a handmade gift that will be cherished for years. Our artisans in Nepal created all our items with love and special care. How do you celebrate love? Together or alone? Whatever you do, dress up beautifully for the occasion. Below are some tips to make it an unforgettable day.

symbol - heart

We don’t have to tell you that the heart is the symbol of love. You can feel it in your veins. When you are in love, your heart skips a beat. If you open your heart, there’s room for love. And if you listen carefully, you can hear that your heart has a voice. That voice will show you the way.

gemstones for autumn

While the weather is lovely right now in Nepal with clear skies and stunning views, in the Netherlands we slowly turn our focus inward. Are you having a hard time transitioning to a new season? These gemstones will help you to beat the blues.

Find your treasure

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewelry? These treasures for the holidays are limited edition. The philosophy behind the collection: we all have our own unique treasure. A talent or a story. Celebrate the differences, celebrate yourself. Designed with love and honestly handmade in Nepal.

let's go inside

The changing of the seasons, it's part of life. Waves washes in and retreat in ebb and flow, trees bloom and let go again. The mercury drops, the wind picks up. We turn inside, into a new season. Will you join us?

comfort food Nepalese soup

Recipe for traditional Nepalese soup
Glittering lights welcome good luck and prosperity during the Hindu festival Tihar. The festival, also known as Deepawili and Diwali, is celebrated for 5 days every year in Nepal. Each day has its own stories, rituals and ceremonies. Sim, a friend in Nepal, tells.

the star as a symbol

For as long as we have existed, we’ve been looking at the stars. Stars are magical, high in the sky and so unreachable. They show us how beautiful the universe is. The mystery we live in, the stardust we are made of. What does a star mean to you?
October 11 is International Day of the Girl Child. A day declared by the United Nations to demand attention for the position of girls worldwide. We spoke to Maggie Doyne, CEO and co-founder of the BlinkNow Foundation. Maggie's story gives hope for change and inspires us to work together for a better world.
With the arrival of autumn comes the most awaited time of the year for all Nepalis: Dashain. It’s one of the main festivals of Nepal and symbolizes the victory of good over evil. One of our friends in Nepal, Sim, takes us through the traditions during this magical time of year.

jewelry with garnet

Garnet is not to be missed. A powerful and energizing stone in an intense red color. In the Middle Ages, the stone was called ‘carbuncle’. ‘Car’ stands for darkness and ‘buncle’ for spark. Garnet is like candlelight in the dark, full of passion, motivation and creativity. When problems pile up, garnet gives you courage and perseverance. With passion comes desire and romance, and garnet is a big fan of these feelings as well.

the key as a symbol

The key is an ancient mystical symbol. However, its meaning is actually very practical. Wondering what the key can do for you?
Have you ever noticed symbols on your life’s path? Maybe a star, a hamsa hand or a dreamcatcher? The Unalome should not be missing from that list. At first glance, the Unalome looks like a cute little scribble you draw during a phone call. A doodle. But there is just so much more to it than that.

the wisdom of a leaf

You will surely recognize it, something attracts your attention: a butterfly, a dragonfly, a feather. And leaves, as well. They are all signposts on your journey. Wisdom, that's what the leaf represents. What wisdom do you carry with you?
Tiger’s eye reassures you. Do you constantly worry or are your thoughts always wandering? Tiger’s eye whispers to you that you can just follow your feelings. This is how tiger’s eye gets your life back into balance.

the message of the bee

Bees are a source of life. Bee-ing great pollinators, they are employed by the entire cosmos. By everything that grows and blooms. If you look closely at bees, you realize that we depend on this magical creature. If the bee catches your eye, she invites you to look at the bigger picture.
After two years of postponed celebrations, weddings are back on. Finally. The wedding season is booming and we are celebrating love! After a two-year hiatus, what are the wedding trends?
Feathers appeal to us. The magic of flying, the mystical sky, and the rustle of the wind. Some stories say that a feather is a gift from an angel. It feels like an oh-so-soft caress on your skin. What if you find a feather?
Red hair and freckles, that describes fresh-faced Elize Been best. She is vegan, lives in Utrecht and works with green, organic and sustainable labels. Does she look familiar to you? She’s one of the faces of A Beautiful Story, so that’s why!
By 2030, the world should be a better place. This is what all United Nations Member States have agreed on. At the heart of the program are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have listed the 8 goals we are currently contributing to.
The name agate comes from the Latin word Achates, a river in Sicily where this gemstone was first found. Blue agate, with its white-blue color, keeps her head cool.
The most beautiful stories, fun people, and delicious cocktails. Add our 52 questions card game and you'll create an evening to remember.

seahorse symbol

Throughout the ages, people all over the world have used symbols. For courage, happiness, strength, and perseverance. Seahorse makes you happy. But how? Just take a good look at a sea horse. Fun guaranteed.
Whether it's sending a WhatsApp, polishing your cutlery, or loading the dishwasher: everything becomes more beautiful with attention. And yes, that sounds like a slogan on a bumper sticker. You could also say that everything remains beautiful with attention. Including our jewelry, which is handmade in Nepal. With these tips you keep your jewelry beautiful.

7 festival look tips

The evenings are getting longer and sultrier. It’s tempting to stay outside and dance until the sun goes down. Listening to catchy tunes at a festival. Our jewelry matches perfectly with your summer jitters. Rings, bracelets, necklaces with colorful stones and summery symbols. With the next tips you’ll hit the right note.

hamsa hand symbol

A symbol helps and protects you. Or it teaches you something. You probably recognize the hamsa hand from vacations, or yoga schools, or you’ve seen it dangling from the rear-view mirror of a car. What does this mysterious symbol bring you? And where does it come from?
It's quite something to produce jewelry on the other side of the world. It demands a lot from everyone. You don't tell stories on your own. But who are all these people who share the story of A Beautiful Story with such enthusiasm? In this section we introduce them to you.
Citrine is always sunny. Light, positive and full of optimism, citrine is a star among gemstones. With citrine close to you, you will shine bright.

celebrate spring

You’ll find the most beautiful gifts for spring in our new collection. Besides jewelry, we now also have cheerful scrunchies, symbolic napkin rings and glass markers and bookmarks with gemstones. All handmade by craftsmen in Nepal and India. What’s your favorite?
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