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7 festival look tips

The evenings are getting longer and sultrier. It’s tempting to stay outside and dance until the sun goes down. Listening to catchy tunes at a festival. Our jewelry matches perfectly with your summer jitters. Rings, bracelets, necklaces with colorful stones and summery symbols. With the next tips you’ll hit the right note.
Moonstone represents girlpower, protection and personal growth. It’s a true woman’s stone. This magical gemstone is a perfect gift for pregnant women and new moms. Or just for yourself.

hamsa hand symbol

A symbol helps and protects you. Or it teaches you something. You probably recognize the hamsa hand from vacations, or yoga schools, or you’ve seen it dangling from the rear-view mirror of a car. What does this mysterious symbol bring you? And where does it come from?
It's quite something to produce jewelry on the other side of the world. It demands a lot from everyone. You don't tell stories on your own. But who are all these people who share the story of A Beautiful Story with such enthusiasm? In this section we introduce them to you.
Citrine is always sunny. Light, positive and full of optimism, citrine is a star among gemstones. With citrine close to you, you will shine bright.
Mother's Day is all about being a mother or having a mother. Or about someone else you have a special bond with. A bond that can be sweet and loving but also challenging or complicated. One thing is certain: we all need a mother figure in our lives. Show how much you love that special woman.

celebrate spring

You’ll find the most beautiful gifts for spring in our new collection. Besides jewelry, we now also have cheerful scrunchies, symbolic napkin rings and glass markers and bookmarks with gemstones. All handmade by craftsmen in Nepal and India. What’s your favorite?
We make jewelry, greeting cards, and gifts that make an impact. They are our lucky tools: a gemstone that gives strength, a bracelet that brings happiness, a greeting card that offers comfort. But what makes them lucky tools?

symbol - swallow

You will surely recognize it, suddenly something attracts your attention: beautiful feathers, a butterfly that sits on your hand for a moment, a four-leaf clover that you discover in the grass. If you look up, you see a swallow. And she is also happy to see you again after a long journey.
Have you noticed the cheerful spring flowers in our collection? They are integrated into our handmade jewelry from Nepal. Created especially for you so you can bloom beautifully this spring. No matter the weather.

how we make an impact

"Empowerment is independence," is a quote from Nimdiki Sherpa, one of our Nepali producers. It seems a funny contradiction: you need several people to be independent. You can’t make an impact by yourself. Read our impact principles here.
This Easter we are finally together again with the whole family. The perfect excuse for paying extra attention to yourself and make you table look its Easter best. Happy Easter!
The daffodils are blooming, birds are singing. There’s no denying, spring is in the air. And we have been looking forward to it. But there's also a lot going on. There is plenty to fight for in this world. These gemstones and battle cries will help you remember who you are this spring, that there is a positive warrior within you.

lucky jobs

For the team, the jewelry has a very concrete meaning: a decent income, a roof over their heads, food on the table and independence.

symbol - dragonfly

Dragonfly is your guide in times of change. Wherever you go, dragonfly floats with you. She shows you that often it's the journey that counts. How? Dragonfly knows all about it.

positive warriors

For us, this season is about positive warriors. You can read all about it in the interview with our producer Bhavani Shresta. What does it mean to be a positive warrior? And why do we want to be one? Here you can read who we are, and what we wear.

meet our team: Bhavani

Positive warrior Bhavani Shrestha is our daily contact for all operational matters related to the production of Artisans Workshop. We have been working together for many years.
On Valentine's Day you show your beloved a little extra attention. With a handmade gift that will be cherished for years. Our artisans in Nepal created all our items with love and special care. How do you celebrate love? Together or alone? Whatever you do, dress up beautifully for the occasion. Below are some tips to make it an unforgettable day.
Whether it's a sincere friendship or a deep connection with a family member, lapis lazuli is here for the two of you. Lapis helps you connect. From your wisdom and the way you communicate.

rose quartz gives you love

Rose quartz loves you

Rose quartz is the sweetest. Do you want to be kinder to yourself? Rose quartz embraces you and loves you. No matter what. Rose quartz represents peace, feminine energy and all facets of love. For others, and even more importantly, for yourself.
Emma worked as a brand manager for A Beautiful Story for the past five years. A meaningful job as it’s about telling our story. She’s now leaving the nest for a new challenge, because sometimes you have to leave to grow. At A Beautiful Story we don't say: too bad you're leaving us. Instead we say: for you, our door is always open. This is Emma's story.

focus with black onyx

Black onyx evokes the feeling of 1001 nights. Black, deep, mysterious. A gemstone that you can’t help but admire. Which makes perfect sense, as black onyx is powerful and serious.
The holidays are coming. Christmas, New Year's Eve, friendsgiving. A month to pull out all the stops. From a visit to your grandparents to a dressed-up New Year's party. From Christmas breakfast to drinks with friends. Every occasion calls for a different outfit. The finishing touch to every outfit? Jewelry. Jewelry is nice to wear, but nice to give as well. We all know that. And our artisans in Nepal, they like to make it for you. So you can shine in this dark month.
The word holidays comes from the Old English word hāligdæg. Quite literally, holy days. Days that we cherish, days for resting and reflecting. Days of giving and being grateful. No work commitments, just time to care. For ourselves and for each other. And what makes a better gift than a handmade present with meaning?

festive gifts on paper

The way we work with our artisans is fair trade, but we also want our products to be fair trade. That's why we carefully select where our products come from. Also our paper gifts. Like the garland cards. Products that are made with attention, also deserve special attention. Because they are beautiful stories. Stories on - and made of - paper. For the festive season.

celebrate you and me

We all have our own personality and our own character, just like our gemstones. Together we capture all the stories. In honor of our fifteenth anniversary, A Beautiful Story has designed a limited edition Anniversary Collection. Different types of gemstones combined in eight different styles. To celebrate you and me.

going further together

“As we look back on 15 years of A Beautiful Story, there's one thing we've learned: if you're stuck, ask for help. There are always angels crossing your path wanting to give support. This time for our anniversary. Because of corona we had to cut our events budget. We were jumping with joy when several companies wanted to sponsor our event. Because of them, our anniversary is still possible.
The world is opening up again. We are making plans again and broaden our horizons. We get our summer bodies out and embrace all the colors of the rainbow from the Spring/Summer collection: smoky quartz, citrine, carnelian, aventurine, lapis lazuli and labradorite.
It's 2006 when Cathelijne decides to save a Nepalese silver factory in distress. Now, 15 years later, we look back on this journey with her. A road with highs and lows. Best lesson learned? We have to do it together!
Over the past 15 years, we’ve changed our logo often. From a modern font to a curly one. From a butterfly to a fingerprint. Willemien Ebbinge is our freelance art director. She loves to save the world from boring walls and advises brands on design matters. She kept stalking us about the need for a unique logo.
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