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Dare to be you

With the 4 gemstones of this season, you dare to be yourself. Founder Cathelijne Lania tells what the new collection means to her, and how you make a difference with jewelry in places where it's badly needed.
She’s one of the models in our Dare to be You campaign and runs her own eco-friendly modelling and influencer agency Belle & Co: Elize. If there’s anyone who stays true to herself, it’s Elize. She shares her journey to self-discovery and who inspires her.

The adventure of Gaby

Gaby is a sales support employee at A Beautiful Story. She turned her life around and moved from Mexico to the Netherlands. Her story keeps inspiring us: stay true to yourself and follow your dreams.
Lisa works for Ralf Gohr. One of the agents in Germany we work with. Self-care rituals boost her confidence and self-love. They enable her to stand in her power and be herself. She shared her story with us.
Sajna is the Executive Director at HattiHatti, one of our Nepali producers. Sajna is sure about one thing: if you dare to be yourself, you can change the world. Sajna's story continues to inspire us every day.