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Valentine's Day is more than secret lovers, cupids, and roses. It’s the day when you think about how much someone means to you. Nienke, our content specialist, does this together with her sister, Ilse. In this blog they talk about their special connection.

7 ways of going inside

The new year has begun. Everywhere we talk about good intentions and want to do all kinds of things. But what if you didn't set the bar so high for yourself this season? And bring some peace into the busy days. That way you'll get into a positive flow and the rest will almost happen by itself. Cathelijne, founder of A Beautiful Story, takes you through her favorite ways to go within.
It’s the season to go inside. But sometimes you don’t feel the way you’d like. Fortunately, there’s always help if you're stuck. Just look for it. Eva Kapitany is a trainer and coach. From the very beginning, she has been by our side. Eva helps us to go inward. And to find solutions there. We jokingly call it our periodic checkup. Our founder Cathelijne and Eva talk about this process.

a dream in jaipur

Our notebooks can't wait for your stories. You can entrust them with all your inspiration and thoughts. But did you know that they tell a special story themselves?