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There are over 5,500 organizations around the world that can call themselves Benefit Corporations, including recently A Beautiful Story. A B Corp meets strict requirements when it comes to social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. B Corps prove that they are making a positive contribution to society, and that making a profit goes hand in hand with that.

gemstones for autumn

While the weather is lovely right now in Nepal with clear skies and stunning views, in the Netherlands we slowly turn our focus inward. Are you having a hard time transitioning to a new season? These gemstones will help you to beat the blues.

7 ways of going inside

This season's theme is going inside. And that's a theme entirely related to nature. Just as nature blossoms in spring and summer, it retreats again in fall and winter. Follow the rhythm, turn inward and be inspired by the tips from A Beautiful Story founder, Cathelijne.

Find your treasure

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewelry? These treasures for the holidays are limited edition. The philosophy behind the collection: we all have our own unique treasure. A talent or a story. Celebrate the differences, celebrate yourself. Designed with love and honestly handmade in Nepal.

let's go inside

The changing of the seasons, it's part of life. Waves washes in and retreat in ebb and flow, trees bloom and let go again. The mercury drops, the wind picks up. We turn inside, into a new season. Will you join us?