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jewelry with garnet

Garnet is not to be missed. A powerful and energizing stone in an intense red color. In the Middle Ages, the stone was called ‘carbuncle’. ‘Car’ stands for darkness and ‘buncle’ for spark. Garnet is like candlelight in the dark, full of passion, motivation and creativity. When problems pile up, garnet gives you courage and perseverance. With passion comes desire and romance, and garnet is a big fan of these feelings as well.

the key as a symbol

The key is an ancient mystical symbol. However, its meaning is actually very practical. Wondering what the key can do for you?
Have you ever noticed symbols on your life’s path? Maybe a star, a hamsa hand or a dreamcatcher? The Unalome should not be missing from that list. At first glance, the Unalome looks like a cute little scribble you draw during a phone call. A doodle. But there is just so much more to it than that.