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After two years of postponed celebrations, weddings are back on. Finally. The wedding season is booming and we are celebrating love! After a two-year hiatus, what are the wedding trends?
Feathers appeal to us. The magic of flying, the mystical sky, and the rustle of the wind. Some stories say that a feather is a gift from an angel. It feels like an oh-so-soft caress on your skin. What if you find a feather?
Red hair and freckles, that describes fresh-faced Elize Been best. She is vegan, lives in Utrecht and works with green, organic and sustainable labels. Does she look familiar to you? She’s one of the faces of A Beautiful Story, so that’s why!
By 2030, the world should be a better place. This is what all United Nations Member States have agreed on. At the heart of the program are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have listed the 8 goals we are currently contributing to.
The name agate comes from the Latin word Achates, a river in Sicily where this gemstone was first found. Blue agate, with its white-blue color, keeps her head cool.
The most beautiful stories, fun people, and delicious cocktails. Add our 52 questions card game and you'll create an evening to remember.

seahorse symbol

Throughout the ages, people all over the world have used symbols. For courage, happiness, strength, and perseverance. Seahorse makes you happy. But how? Just take a good look at a sea horse. Fun guaranteed.
Whether it's sending a WhatsApp, polishing your cutlery, or loading the dishwasher: everything becomes more beautiful with attention. And yes, that sounds like a slogan on a bumper sticker. You could also say that everything remains beautiful with attention. Including our jewelry, which is handmade in Nepal. With these tips you keep your jewelry beautiful.