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celebrate spring

You’ll find the most beautiful gifts for spring in our new collection. Besides jewelry, we now also have cheerful scrunchies, symbolic napkin rings and glass markers and bookmarks with gemstones. All handmade by craftsmen in Nepal and India. What’s your favorite?
We make jewelry, greeting cards, and gifts that make an impact. They are our lucky tools: a gemstone that gives strength, a bracelet that brings happiness, a greeting card that offers comfort. But what makes them lucky tools?

symbol - swallow

You will surely recognize it, suddenly something attracts your attention: beautiful feathers, a butterfly that sits on your hand for a moment, a four-leaf clover that you discover in the grass. If you look up, you see a swallow. And she is also happy to see you again after a long journey.
Have you noticed the cheerful spring flowers in our collection? They are integrated into our handmade jewelry from Nepal. Created especially for you so you can bloom beautifully this spring. No matter the weather.
This Easter we are finally together again with the whole family. The perfect excuse for paying extra attention to yourself and make you table look its Easter best. Happy Easter!