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The daffodils are blooming, birds are singing. There’s no denying, spring is in the air. And we have been looking forward to it. But there's also a lot going on. There is plenty to fight for in this world. These gemstones and battle cries will help you remember who you are this spring, that there is a positive warrior within you.

lucky jobs

For the team, the jewelry has a very concrete meaning: a decent income, a roof over their heads, food on the table and independence.

symbol - dragonfly

Dragonfly is your guide in times of change. Wherever you go, dragonfly floats with you. She shows you that often it's the journey that counts. How? Dragonfly knows all about it.

positive warriors

For us, this season is about positive warriors. You can read all about it in the interview with our producer Bhavani Shresta. What does it mean to be a positive warrior? And why do we want to be one? Here you can read who we are, and what we wear.