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with aventurine you take steps

You think beautiful thoughts all day long. You pay attention to your dreams. And yet, you still get stuck. It happens sometimes. Aventurine comforts you and cheers you up. By reminding you that your possibilities are endless. One way or the other, you’ll get there. Whether it's a new step in your career, a journey, or a meeting. Together with aventurine, you’re off on an adventure. 

Taking steps

Aventurine spots opportunities and possibilities. This gemstone gives you the power to bend situations to your will. Aventurine comforts and cheers you up. Together, you take steps: writing an application letter, signing up for an online dating site, that trip to India. When on an adventure, you’re also protected by the cheerful energy that aventurine holds. What are you waiting for?

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Dream big

Maybe it’s already your motto: if you're going to dream, dream big. Aventurine strengthens your leadership skills and increases your endurance. This gemstone thinks in terms of possibilities and always has a creative solution at hand. That improves your self-confidence. Wonderful.

Wear aventurine around your neck in a necklace and feel your power.

Everything is already there

Aventurine loves nature, a cheerful field bouquet, a blackberry bush. The green gemstone itself has spent thousands of years being formed in the earth to become what it is. All gifts from nature, just for you: you don't have to do anything. And yet there they are. Focus your mindset on abundance. Everything is already there. You can rely on that.

Tip: write down what you are grateful for in a gratitude notebook.

Insert a beautiful bookmark with aventurine and a four-leaf clover for extra happiness. See for yourself how nature inspires.

There’s always a solution

Our jewelry is handmade in made Nepal. Fair trade. We call them lucky tools. Even if Nepal isn’t the most logical place to produce, we'll stay anyway. Aventurine teaches you that there’s always a solution. A solution that makes everyone happy. 

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