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what do you give for Mother's Day?

For all moms and mums-to-be
new moms and wannabe moms
for bonus moms and single moms
childless mothers and grandmothers
for the mother of your children and your mother-in-law
For your mommy's sister and nanny mom
For all types of moms:
Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother's Day is all about motherhood. In all her shapes and sizes: your grandmother, your aunt, your nanny, your best friend. Every woman who means something to you deserves a gift with meaning. And the fact that the gift is handmade in Nepal makes every mother's heartbeat go faster. This is how we put all mothers in the spotlight.

Love her to the moon

Moonstone is the gemstone of female wisdom. A quality that matches perfectly with motherhood. The woman you give a piece of jewelry with moonstone to, is bound to be very happy. Moonstone goes with every outfit and every occasion. That way she’ll always carry something of you with her.

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Gemstones that help

It's not always easy being or becoming a mom. Are you're expecting? Rose quartz will help you stay on cloud nine. With a little one around you can probably use a some extra energy; carnelian offers you just that little bit extra. Would you like to become a mother? Trust your intuition with labradorite. You can also give a gift with lapis lazuli to your mother-in-law; it helps to strengthen your bond. Do you need help finding the perfect gemstone? Check our gemstone guide.

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Breakfast in bed is always good

A long lie-in, a bouquet of flowers, and breakfast in bed are typical Mother's Day traditions. Decorate her bedroom with garlands of hearts. Stick a greeting card with a sweet text between all the breakfast goodies on the tray. And put a wine stopper next to the bottle of bubbly. Instead of real flowers, you can also give jewelry with flowers. They last forever. 

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Beautiful memories: gifts with symbols

Did you and your mother collect seashells on the beach when you were a child? Does she always leave a swallow's nest intact? Is your mother always a ray of sunshine, or did you always draw hearts for her as a child? Translate a beautiful memory into a gift with a matching symbol. For your mother or for yourself. In a piece of jewelry you carry this symbol close to you. And you hold on to a beautiful memory. 

A heart is always good, because no matter how you look at it, children are in a mother’s heart.

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Twinning is winning: like mother, like daughter

Do you and your mother(figure) look alike? In looks or in personality? With these gemstone cards you’ll cherish the similarities. There’s a reason some of the cards are called: you & me. You both wear the same bracelet with a gemstone that best describes your bond. 

Not sure what to give?

Some mothers are picky, some mothers already have everything. A gift voucher is always a good idea. That way she can pick out a nice meaningful gift herself - or together with you. She’s bound to be happy. 

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Whatever you do or give, whether you are a mother, have a mother, or want to be a mother: take care of each other. That's what mothers do. A Beautiful Story.

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