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tiger’s eye brings back your balance

Tiger's eye helps you to focus on your life without distractions. This grounding gemstone brings back the wisdom that’s already within you. Tiger’s eye makes you feel grateful. Embrace the unique journey that is your life.  


Tiger's eye keeps you grounded. The golden color represents the energy of the sun and the rich brown-copper color symbolizes the earth. Feminine and masculine energy. Yin and yang. Are you in a slump? Tiger’s eye boosts your energy. Are you overexcited? Tiger's eye brings tranquility. 

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What does your intuition tell you?

Take a moment to reflect. What feels good, what vibes do you pick up? Tiger's eye teaches you to trust your intuition. A hunch that comes up, a word, an image. Tiger’s eye sends you messages. When you learn to trust your gut, your self-confidence grows. You are your own compass.

Other gemstones for self-confidence are citrine and labradorite. Need an extra boost? Combine them. An added bonus: it’s a great look. 

Thank tiger's eye later

Tiger's eye also likes to be in the workplace. You won't even need coffee. That’s because tiger’s eye ensures stability in your energy management. Together with tiger’s eye you create opportunities. With its cat's eye this gemstone sees everything crystal clear. A new idea, a proposal, business or creative: it makes no difference to tiger’s eye. Without wasting energy you’ll head straight for your goal. You can thank her later.

The unique journey of Nimdiki

The story of Nimdiki Sherpa is a perfect example of the powers of tiger’s eye. Nimdiki was brave enough to make her dream come true as the founder of Beads for Life, a jewelry business that helps Nepalese women support their families. And more importantly, to become independent. Beads for Life started with 6 talented women. Now there are 50 of them. For A Beautiful Story they make all the beaded jewelry by hand. 

Your dream comes closer when you pay attention to it. 

Every. Day. Again.


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