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the wisdom of a leaf

Nature has the most beautiful symbols to offer. Leaves for instance represent renewal, hope and wisdom. That’s because a leaf grows, develops and then lets go again. Over and over again. Wear this symbol as a reminder of the wisdom you have within you. And the possibility to see every challenge as a new adventure. 

Letting go is an act of wisdom 

The leafy part of the tree is where all wisdom flows. From the roots through the trunk and branches. The law of the tree is: as above, so below. The beginning and the end, holding on and letting go. Letting go is the lesson you learn from the tree. That’s because in the winter the tree doesn’t have enough nutrients for the leaves. 

Each tree has its characteristics, each leaf has its own shape. What does it tell you? What leaf will you choose for your piece of jewelry? The leaf of a monstera plant stands for a long and happy life. Together with smoky quartz on a Nova necklace, you always stay calm. 

You can pull it off every time 

Letting go isn’t always easy. It means that you have to surrender. Again and again. Just think about it. How many events, people and animals have you let go of? They are now your basis. Or better yet, your knowledge, your memories, your database. Leaves, twigs, and branches that have let go, form a rich layer of nutrients for the tree. One more thing about the art of surrender: leaves always make a soft landing.  

Carry leaf close to you and you’ll see softness in every situation.
The leaf of a maple tree gives you confidence when combined with tiger’s eye. 

The magic of new beginnings 

You can always count on leaves to grow back. It’s like this greeting card says: Trust the magic of new beginnings. We know that when leaves fall from the trees, new buds are formed. The old leaves are a prelude to a new adventure. 

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It’s bound to be a beautiful story 

More than 15 years ago, Cathelijne Lania started a new adventure. When a silver factory in Nepal got in financial difficulties, she quit her job at Douwe Egberts."If I can sell coffee, I surely can sell jewelry," she said. Now more than 200 people in Nepal earn a living wage plus. Every day they create our jewelry by hand using traditional techniques. Just like a leaf: Allow the wind to carry you, who knows where you will end up. It’s bound to be a beautiful story.  

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Together we work at A Beautiful Story. 

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