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the wedding trends of 2022

As we have all learned by now, you can’t take anything for granted. You have to hang the garlands whenever you can. In a way that it suits you and the people you love. We break with traditions and give weddings a fresh twist. To strengthen the bonds with family and friends. Naturally, this is something that we, and our artisans in Nepal, only understand all too well. What can you expect this wedding season? 

Blue agate feels at home at a wedding 

Wedding themes are all the rage right now. Such as Bridgerton from the Netflix series with its dramatic romance, lace, and shades of blue. This is where blue agate feels right at home. Is the bride still looking for something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? Blue agate is the gemstone that checks all the boxes.  

Classic sets for the bridesmaids 

Blue agate is also a nice gemstone for the bridesmaids. If you're nervous for your speech, blue agate will calm you down. Pair teardrop earrings with a matching gemstone necklace. Even more beautiful if your outfit has a low-cut neckline. Bridesmaids surely will go for matching bracelets. After such a memorable day, it's bound to become a bracelet with meaning. 

All jewelry with blue agate  

Silver accents let you shine 

Silver is making a comeback and adds a fairytale sparkle to your wedding. Do you have a lot of gold jewelry? Add 1/3 silver jewelry into the mix. If you have naturally ash-colored hair, gray locks or brown hair, silver may look even better on you than gold. 

See our silver jewelry collection here 

Printed wallpaper calls for statement jewelry 

Cathelijne Lania, founder of A Beautiful Story, loves this trend: colored wallpaper with prints. When you visit our office, you’ll understand why. There’s printed wallpaper all over the place. This year, we’ve spotted it at weddings as well. Do you want to stand out beautifully against the wallpaper photo wall? Wear eye-catching jewelry and everyone will know you were there.    

How about colored statement earrings with aventurine? 

Big, bigger, biggest 

After two years of solemn parties, it’s time for a big bang. Preferably a few days, a rehearsal dinner, a welcome party, and a brunch the day after. Make sure you adjust your jewelry accordingly and bring multiple sets. You can also combine everything during those days.  

Take a look at our trend collection. Different gemstone jewelry can go very well together. They also support you. Carnelian for example, gives you that boost after a night of dancing. 

White versus color 

The light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is made of lots of color, flowers, and prints. That's where our summer styles come in as well.  

And yes, there are still traditional white weddings. White, of course, calls for jewelry with moonstone. That’s a no-brainer.  

Go for sustainability 

We’re embracing sustainability as a trend. How about online save the dates and vegan food? While you’re at it, pass your flowers to a retirement home after the party. When you wear handmade, fair trade jewelry from A Beautiful Story, you provide employment for someone on the other side of the world. Even after the wedding, your lucky tool will last for years. For better or for worse. 

View all lucky tools of A Beautiful Story.  

Wanna bet that you’ll find a beautiful wedding gift as well? 

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