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the story of Maryam & Larissa

Maryam: "The first year of our studies turned out differently than we expected. Because of Covid, we ended up staying home a lot and taking classes digitally. That was not always easy but from there our friendship became stronger. We had a lot of contact and talked about all kinds of things. From school projects to personal things. There was nothing we didn't discuss with each other." 

Larissa: "Maryam is calm and always has things together. She is the best at putting people at ease. In her calmness you find a lot of love. In everything she does you can tell that she cares about the people around her. What I like about our friendship is that we are both adventurous. For example, Maryam went to study in Korea for a few months. We both enjoy discovering new things."

Maryam: "Larissa lives by the motto 'great is she who does not lose her childhood heart'. In everything she does, she has a smile on her face that is contagious. She looks at things from the positive side and is not afraid to speak her mind."

Larissa: "I always feel that our friendship is in the right place. At the moment we are both studying in a different city and don't speak to each other often, but when we see each other again we spend hours laughing and catching up. We know exactly what we have in common. That security in our friendship means a lot to me."