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the story of Luna and Florine

The story of Luna and Florine

At A Beautiful Story we make lucky tools: jewelry, greeting cards and gifts that do something. That help you on your life journey. A gemstone that gives wings, a bracelet that brings luck, a deck of cards that provides insights. Our gifts all tell their own story. And one story leads to another. This is Martine's story, she got in touch with A Beautiful Story a few years ago. Her story left us without words.

Powerful and symbolic

Martine Brander says: "4 years ago, my daughter Florine's best friend turned out to be seriously ill. Luna, that’s her name, was only 5 years old and had cancer. A shock from here to, well, Nepal. In my grief and desperation I went looking for a powerful and symbolic present to give to Luna's mother. In my favorite store ‘Leef’ in Meppel I discovered the beautiful, symbolic jewelry from A Beautiful Story. Everything came together: strength, love, comfort. I was deeply moved when I discovered there was also a range with moons and moonstones. Luna, obviously, means moon. And, apart from Luna, I had just set up a foundation called Moonshine. It couldn't get more symbolic. So I bought a beautiful, delicate necklace with a moon, for Luna's mother."

Jewelry with meaning

"In the year that followed, I brought gifts regularly. At important moments, and also when hopeful medical test results came in. I always chose something based on the meaning of the gemstone. Whether that was strength, or confidence or comfort, I always came back to A Beautiful Story."

For the giver as well

"What I really love about the brand, besides their mission, which is very powerful and loving, is that the jewelry is very symbolic. It’s not just the one who receives it, who is moved by it. Also the one who gives it. The following year it became clear that Luna wouldn’t get better. At that time she was 7 and a half. Florine and Luna were best friends. You can imagine what an enormous impact it had on Florine. She picked out another moonstone bracelet and gave it to Luna and her mother."

Sweet gesture

"I’ve been told that Luna's mother drew incredible strength from those little beautiful and sweet comforting pieces of jewelry, brooches and other things. On Christmas Eve 2017, Luna passed away. I still visit Leef often. And I always pick out a card or another sweet item that solaces, items from A Beautiful Story. I am connected to the brand in a very emotional, but also grateful way. I met Cathelijne once at a reading and told her that she probably doesn't realize how many people are touched at the darkest moments in their lives by such a sweet and beautiful little gesture from A Beautiful Story."