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the story of Esther & Bhavani

Esther is buying and production coordinator at A Beautiful Story. She often collaborates with Bhavani, the production coordinator at Artisans workshop. Many of our lucky tools are made in this Nepali workshop. Due to the long distance, Esther and Bhavani mainly communicate over the phone. Last April, when Esther visited Nepal, they were finally able to meet in person.

Esther: "Bhavani and I work together very smoothly as we (video) call quite often. That’s probably why we hardly notice the distance between us. Also, if we don’t agree with each other, we can work through our differences quite easily as we understand where the other person is coming from. We had an almost instant connection. We don’t just talk about work, but often get caught up in other topics. Like daily stuff, life in general, health issues and so much more. Always with a smile on our faces!”

Bhavani: “She always keeps the conversation so positive. If I feel down and talk to her, I feel re-energized and ready for work again afterwards. Her positive thoughts make me optimistic and her smile always relaxes me, even when I am stressed.”

Esther: “It was really amazing to finally meet each other in the flesh. We had an emotional connection instantly. It was great to be able to hug, laugh and work side by side instead of virtually. My visit also really helped me to understand more about Artisans Workshop and the way they, and Bhavani in particular, work.”

Bhavani: “Honestly, I feel like I have known her for a long time. I felt so comfortable meeting her that I didn’t even realize it was our first meeting in person. We were both so happy.”

Esther: “Because of our chemistry, work becomes much easier. Also, it makes us feel confident about moving forward. Bhavani always let me know if there is a hitch, so I can anticipate. Also, she really thinks along. With me. And with A Beautiful Story. Ultimately, that empowers the entire collective.”