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the story of Ashirwaad

In 2005, an American organization started a group with nine Indian women: Ashirwaad. They specialized in handicrafts. When the American founder passed away, the group was on its own. With the loss of their leader, they lost their connection to the market as well. 

In the beginning of their existence, Ashirwaad briefly partnered with Craft Resource Center (CRC). This fair trade organization generates an income for vulnerable crafts people and, by doing so, improves their quality of life. CRC also happens to be one of our manufacturers in India. 

CRC incorporated the group of women in their workshop. The ladies now continuously produce the cushions you can find in the A Beautiful Story’s displays. 

The women often work from home, as it makes caring for their children and working easier to combine. Every Tuesday, the women get together at the CRC office. They all bring in their finished products and receive new materials. For most of them, this is a welcome break. They work together, but there is also plenty of time to eat and socialize. A great way for women to connect.