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the star as a symbol

Stars give us something to hold on to. Beacons of light that sailors used to navigate at sea. On a clear night you can see thousands of stars. A milky band of light that seems to keep all the stars together. A piece of jewelry with a star is a symbol of hope, strength, and change. Your name is written in the stars. 


Hope is trusting and believing that things will work out. Just hope that you see a shooting star, then you can make a wish. If you lie under the stars on a clear night, it’s easy to surrender your worries to the heavenly bodies above you. Carry your wishes with you and make them come true with a long Nova necklace.

Smoky quartz helps you do that. Time to let go of something? Smoky quartz moves with you to clarity, just like the light of a morning star. A new day, a clean slate.  

the power to emit light 

A star is the spotlight. Just like it all revolves around the star of the evening, the planets orbit the stars. Stars emanate energy, the power to emit light. Let things revolve around you instead of the other way around. Your light energizes others as well. You are a star, just like this greeting card with hand-painted illustration says. 


Stars change. Two small stars merge into a supernova. Where one star emits a weak light, a supernova illuminates a large part of the sky. This means that even stars need each other.  

Celebrate together. Send someone a jewelry postcard.  

home of the stars 

Stars are light-years away from us and will always remain unreachable. Fortunately, we have our own stars: our artisans in Nepal, who work every day to create our lucky tools. Gifts that bring luck, just like shooting stars. 

Here you can shop all jewelry and lucky tools with stars that make you shine. In our galaxy alone, there are billions of stars. But every star is special. Just like you. 

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