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The mysteries of smokey quartz.

Symbol of inner strength

After taking millions of years to grow, smokey quartz is now ready to help you. To be more precise, to help you quit. To quit annoying habits. Like being afraid, worrying, doubting, gloomy thoughts, smoking, or snacking. Too much of anything is never a good idea. Stopping also means a new beginning. Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. They go hand in hand. And that's what this patient gemstone can help you with. To detoxify, to be resilient, and to look at new possibilities.



Smokey quartz owes its dark color to natural radioactivity. Without radiation, smokey quartz is just a rock crystal. The gemstone itself doesn’t emit radiation, but does precisely the opposite: it protects against it. From your phone, laptop or computer. Actually, against all negative energies and emotions such as stress or grief. So you can feel safe and ground yourself. 


Relax, accept, let go

Even though this gemstone is dark in color, its properties certainly are not. On the contrary. Smokey quartz helps you as a light in the darkness. To transform your own dark sides into new, fresh opportunities. Smokey quartz has been doing that since the Romans. They carried it in times of sorrow. For new energy, courage, and zest for life. There’s always light to be found. Smokey quartz is a symbol of inner strength.



When smokey quartz is exposed to light for numerous years, the gemstone loses its color and becomes a rock crystal again. Light and sunny. Like the transformation you are undergoing. Smokey quartz helps you to make big changes. Sober, clear, strong, and with focus. Comfortable in your own skin. One with your mind. Step by step.