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the message of the bee

Naturally, the story of the flowers and the bees is a story about connection. The flower cannot exist without the bee. And the other way around because bees depend on the nectar of the flower. The motherly message of the bee: go ahead, give it to me. 

A lesson of deep connection

We depend on the busy bee. Thanks to the bees, we have honey, fruits, vegetables, and nuts because the bees pollinate flowers. According to the Austrian-born philosopher Rudolf Steiner bees teach us a lesson of deep connectedness. All bees are independent but work together for a higher purpose. No wonder they used to think bees were sacred.

Combine jewelry with a bee symbol together with a flower.
You can’t separate what belongs together.

We’re in this together

To bees their colony comes first. They all take care of the new generation in the hive. They are in it together. In agreement. Bees serve the hive, the flowers, and the healing powers of the honey they produce. Bees show us that it's about the community. That you can be a friend to everyone.

Would you like to celebrate a friendship? Set the table beautifully for a dinner party with napkin rings. They always come in pairs of 2.

Show the way with a dance

Bees communicate with each other by buzzing and dancing. The bee uses the position of the sun to communicate. If a bee dances up, she’s saying: fly towards the sun. If she waggles down, she says: fly away from the sun. One second of vibration equals 100 meters of flying. The lessons of the bee are about connection, cooperation, and trust.

Let the bee show you the way.
Carry her with you in jewelry with gemstones and symbols.

Work and friendship go together

All our jewelry is handmade in Nepal. In the workshops sounds are buzzing: from soldering and cutting small rings and symbols to necklaces with gemstones. The workshop is a bit like a beehive. Twice a year we visit our artisans in Nepal. Work and friendship go very well together. The more beautiful stories we tell, the more honest jobs we create. To serve the greater good. 

Bee happy.
Check out all our lucky tools that make you happy.
Or the person that you give them to.

Want to give something back to the bee?

The bee has a hard time. There are 360 species in the Netherlands, half of which are threatened with extinction. We don't have to explain to you that if the bee is having a hard time, we will have a hard time too. With these three simple tips you can help the bees:

1. If you have a garden or balcony, plant native flowers. Or herbs like lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme, dill, and chives. Allow weeds to grow as well, and don't use pesticides.
2. Leave a patch of bare earth in your garden. Old wood and trimmings provide the perfect habitat for bees.
3. Are you fond of honey? Or products with beeswax? Look for a beekeeper in the neighborhood who doesn’t heat the honey and takes good care of his hive.

We could talk for hours about the bee. How beautiful she is, how sweet her honey is, that she is golden like the sun and how happy her buzz sounds in a flower. Let's tell each other, every day, a story. A story that sticks. 


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