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the key as a symbol

The key represents new opportunities, endless possibilities, and attention. Sometimes there are too many things to choose from. Or you are stuck. What do you want to focus on? Making a choice will give you freedom. The key is your reminder: you choose which door to open.  

new opportunities 

There are keys to prosperity, opportunities, and challenges. Which door should you open? The key helps you choose. The key is a symbol of who you really are. The better you know who you are, what you stand for and what you are worth, the easier it is to choose. This symbol brings you closer to yourself. 

Wear a bracelet with a golden key. It will help you to stick to your vision. 


There are certain times in your life you don’t want to revisit: you moved on. The key protects you. You control what affects you. Protect your positive vibes. You have the key in your hands. 

Wear the key close to you on a chain

endless possibilities 

Do you want to solve something? Knowledge is the key that shows your possibilities. Sometimes the solution lies in a spell or a mantra. Keywords that you keep repeating and cherish. 

Sometimes you are a key for someone else. A lucky tool with a key or a gemstone that brings luck makes the perfect gift.  

the key to success 

Our jewelry and gifts with deeper meaning are handmade by our artisans in Nepal. For them, these jobs guarantee a decent income, bread on the table and a good education for their children. We all play a role in each other's lives, like the key to success. Who are you giving the key to? 

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