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the feather as a symbol

A beautiful feather attracts everyone’s attention. You can’t help but wonder who left it behind. According to the Native Americans, each feather tells a beautiful story or a message. Of freedom, protection, love or following your own path. Their headdresses are a collection of stories and achievements. 

A sweet message 

There’s this beautiful expression: feathers appear when angels are near. A feather can travel between heaven and earth to protect, encourage, or comfort you. But of course, you can be an angel yourself by giving someone a lucky tool. Someone who could use a feather.  

Bounce back 

Another beautiful word is resilience. The ability to recover. To bounce back from something you experienced, a loss, a big change. Have you ever seen how nature restores itself: a plant, a tree, an animal? Trust that you can do the same.  

Wear a feather on a handmade piece of jewelry and you'll remember the message about resilience forever. With or without a gemstone. 

For you ... 

A feather is a symbol of universal love. A gentle force that lets itself be carried away on the wind and lands right next to you. When you spot a feather, it’s for you. 

Find your feather here 

Spread your wings 

When you wear a feather, you immediately feel a sense of freedom, that wild spirit that we all have in us. You feel connected to nature and literally and figuratively a little lighter. Spread your wings, follow your own path on the wind. And believe in the power of a soft landing. 

This greeting card says it all: With brave wings she flies. 

Something magical can happen every day 

Think happy thoughts and you can fly. Peter Pan taught us to believe. At A Beautiful Story, we believe that something magical can happen every day. Like quitting your job to save a silver factory in Nepal. In 2006, we were a group of 10. Now we’ve already created 217 honest jobs in Nepal. And our dream is 1000 jobs by 2025. We believe our lucky tools can make us fly.  

Give gifts with meaning and purpose. A greeting card that comforts. A bracelet that brings happiness. A gemstone that gives strength. Or even wings. 

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