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symbol - heart

Follow your heart

Love makes everything easier. The world is more beautiful, sound becomes music and everyone smiles at you. Your heart is your unique and very personal compass. Just follow it. With our lucky tools it becomes even easier. They help you and - at the same time - they provide lucky jobs in Nepal.

Take a look at jewelry with a heart, made from the heart.

Rose quartz to the rescue

Your heart can melt with that of someone else like a piece of a puzzle. Or burst into a thousand pieces when you lose something. That’s the moment to seek help from rose quartz. Rose quartz, the stone of your heart as well as the stone of love, helps you. Giving and receiving unconditional love suddenly becomes much easier. With rose quartz on you, your heart is big enough for everyone and strong enough for any situation.

Jewelry with rose quartz and the heart symbol

Love works

Sometimes your heart is crystal clear about things. For example, at A Beautiful Story, we know for sure that we want to work with our family in Nepal. Because we belong together. Love always works both ways.

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