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symbol - dragonfly

Does the dragonfly catch your attention?

A symbol helps and protects you. You will surely recognize it, suddenly something attracts your attention: a feather that you see everywhere, a butterfly that sits on your hand for a moment, a four-leaf clover that you discover in the grass. Or a dragonfly, floating above the surface of the water when the water lilies in the ponds are blooming. What does dragonfly say to you?

Go ahead, change

When there’s dragonfly around, you are about to change something. Maybe you embark on a beautiful adventure or get a beautiful insight. Dragonfly is, in fact, a specialist in change. From egg to nymph and from nymph to dragonfly. Come on, go ahead, says dragonfly to you, change. You keep dragonfly around in a brooch or handmade jewelry. Our symbols are made in Nepal in a special way, with craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.

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On an adventure in stories, or in real life

Dragonfly shoots from one side - to the other. A child of the wind, as they call it in China. And she is full of beautiful stories. In Mayan culture dragonfly is the symbol for the goddess of creativity, Ix Chel. In Celtic tales fairies ride dragonflies as a horse. In Suriname, they call dragonflies sand dragons. In Asia, a dragonfly represents the soul of a dragon. And dragons bring good luck. Living without worries, that's your new adventure, whispers dragonfly to you.

Look inside and out

As dragonfly has been here for millions of years, it has seen a lot of the world. It looks like dragonfly has two eyes, but her eyes are made up of 10 to 50,000 lenses. This enables her to see 360 degrees around her. Dragonfly tells you about changes and teaches you to look as well. Outward and inward. That’s because a beautiful insight is the beginning of your adventure. The joy is in the journey, dragonfly knows all about that.

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