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spring flowers that embrace you

Beautiful or sad occasion? Flowers make the perfect gift. They have a natural beauty and are joyful. They remind us that you can find the most beautiful things in daily life. And when you combine flowers with this spring's gemstones, you will really blossom!

Just what you need 

This Sunshine citrine gold bracelet with citrine will bring you joy. A mix of five cheerful flowers with glass beads and brass beads, strung on wire. The yellow color of the bracelet is extra sunny because of citrine. Citrine is always cheerful. Do you want lightness and optimism? Citrine is just what you need. 

Shop the Sunshine citrine gold bracelet.

Sitting romantically on a bench 

In a romantic mood? Rose quartz is very much into flowery romances. Rose quartz is the sweetest, hugs you and loves you. This necklace won’t get you in a party mood, but makes you snuggle up together. If the weather is nice, on a garden bench. 

Shop the Flowerfield rose quartz necklace here. 

As fresh as a daisy 

When you think of flowers, daisies are probably the first thing that come to mind. As the saying goes: as fresh as a daisy. This cute little flower closes its petals around its bright yellow center at night and opens back up with sunrise. Together with aventurine, your spring becomes the beginning of something festive. Aventurine pushes you to go out. When a flower opens, you see how beautiful it is. 

For a little extra pizzazz, shop the Fire aventurine gold bracelet. 

Go boho

Flowers have a bohemian feel to them. The perfect match with this look? Layers. And not just around your neck and wrist. Have an anklet party as well. We kick off with a playful mix of wide and narrow anklets. With beautiful gemstones and, naturally, flowers. 

From wide to narrow:
- Positive blue agate silver anklet
- Daisy blue agate silver anklet
- Summery blue agate silver anklet 

Let your sunglasses steal the show

Nothing radiates more flower power than a pair of pretty sunglasses. With a fair trade glasses cord attached, you’ll definitely steal the show. And you’ll be less likely to lose your glasses. That could come in handy when you’re sitting on a terrace or boat. The glasses cords come in a variety of colors. It’s like a little flower party around your neck. 

Shop our glasses cords here 

All our jewelry is fair trade made in Nepal. We call them lucky tools: they encourage you and help you on your way. And not just you, but our artisans as well. Our lucky tools are on their way to meet spring. Want to know more about their mission? Read how we make an impact and how you can contribute. 


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