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seahorse symbol

The seahorse has fun, perseverance, and patience. In the magical sea, a seahorse stands his ground with minimal effort. There’s a lesson to be learned. It shows that a positive outlook makes it easier to deal with a situation. The seahorse gives you sunny thoughts. When you see a seahorse, you can’t help but smile.

Forget your worries

Seahorse has fun and is always cheerful. And why not? Do you remember the song from The Little Mermaid? You always forget your worries, a little bit, deep in the sea. The seahorse may like warm shallow water, with sea grass beds and mangroves, but he hums a happy song. He doesn't swim but rides the currents. Go with the flow. If the current gets too strong, he wraps his tail around sea grass stems. So you see, flow and power go hand in hand.


A seahorse eats all day long. Isn’t that enviable? He moves his eyes independently, changes color and watches his dinner float by without moving. Suck, swallow, go. A matter of patience. Everything you need will float by. Sometimes patience is the only effort.

A nice message to remember by wearing a necklace with seahorse as a symbol.

Care and devotion

The funniest fact about the seahorse is that the male carries the eggs in a pouch. The female hands them to him. Mating looks like a graceful dance with intertwining tails. With powerful contractions he’ll give birth a few weeks later to dozens of baby seahorses. And guess what? The cute couple remains faithful to each other for life.  

Wear matching seahorse bracelets with your best friend for fun.

How symbols are passed on

What better way to celebrate women’s empowerment than with seahorse? With handmade jewelry, for example. By our artisans from Nepal, our family to whom we are loyal. The symbols are made in a unique way, with traditions that are passed on from generation to generation, just like the eggs of a seahorse. 

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