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rose quartz gives you love

Celebrating love

With rose quartz, you open your heart. To love, music and all other beautiful things in life. The pink color comes from small amounts of titanium, manganese or iron. The Greeks used to believe that rose quartz was the blood of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility, and her lover Adonis. With this stone nearby, love feels unconditional, a little sensual, a little mysterious, and a little divine.

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In the mood for romance

Rose quartz loves romance. With the blooming and festivity earrings. Even better, combine these special earrings with the celebration necklace. Every outfit becomes extra romantic. Cozy winter evenings on the couch? Rose quartz is there with you

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rose quartz and carnelian bracelets 

Rose quartz goes well with the creative carnelian: like in this sweet bracelet and the universe bracelet. Carnelian pulls you out of your comfort zone and rose quartz reassures you. Close your eyes and feel that love of rose quartz with the energy of carnelian. Breathe in. Smile.

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