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Nienke & Ilse celebrate Valentine’s Day with gemstone Citrine

Valentine's Day is more than secret lovers, cupids, and roses. It’s the day when you think about how much someone means to you. Nienke, our content specialist, does this together with her sister, Ilse. In this blog they talk about their special connection.

Ilse and Nienke both wear a ring made from the gold jewelry of their grandmothers who have passed away. These rings make them feel a little bit more connected to each other. “We have Amor Fati: love fate engraved in our rings. This doesn’t mean that we only look at things in a positive way, or that we never feel bad. It means that we can also accept the bad moments in life,” says Ilse. 

At the age of 17, Nienke went through a more difficult period in her life. Ilse was a huge support to her during that time. “I still have a box full of sweet cards, drawings, and notes that she gave me. I would find them under my pillow or in my bag. Her caring and infinite love is something I like most about Ilse. To celebrate our connection, I am giving her jewelry with citrine. This optimistic and cheerful gemstone suits her perfectly.” 

Ilse is so happy that she has grown up with Nienke. “From an early age she has been my role model. She fulfilled the role of big sister so well. She is the person I know will always be by my side with small and big changes. And it’s of course, the same way the other way around.” 

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