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meet our greenfluencer: Elize

Elize Been is a full-time model and also creates art. She is the first greenfluencer in the Dutch modeling world. "I love to make beautiful things. And I love dachshunds! I believe that anything is possible if you believe in yourself, regardless of what others may tell you. I like to inspire others to pursue their dreams." 

Who is your biggest inspiration?  

Pippi Longstocking. As a child, she was my role model and she still is. Pippi is fierce, goes her own way, and doesn't care what others say or think about her. I also love her extreme independence: she loves to travel, doesn't worry about anything. She is completely in sync with her own feelings. I like to think that I am secretly a lot like her. Sometimes, when I’m stressed about things, I think of Pippi and the stress magically fades away. 

What has been a challenge in your life?  

Being a redhead, I was awfully bullied as a child. Day in, day out, kids called me ‘Red’ and asked me ‘Freckles, when do you turn green?’ I hated that so much. But now my childhood trauma has become an asset. I have the most beautiful job on earth: being a redhead model. It always reminds me that miracles still happen in our world: anything is possible.  

Where do you see the good?   

I am super positive when it comes to the future. More and more brands are committed to a greener world, to produce sustainable products. Many companies are still searching for ways to make eco-friendly choices, but to me that's already a sign of progress. The world is definitely changing. The number of people around me who choose sustainable fashion, products, and good food is increasing. That gives me hope. 

If you could choose one thing, what would you like to change in the world?  

To stop animal suffering.  

What are you doing to make this possible?  

I don't eat meat, I support animal charities, and cuddle with every little dog I meet on the street. I’m very conscious of the products I eat and buy. On my Instagram (@elizebeen) I share fun vegetarian dishes and sustainable clothing brands. That way I try to inspire my followers to make good choices. Also, as a full-time model, I only work for brands that are into sustainability and greening of the earth. It's absolutely wonderful to be able to do that, to literally be the face of something good. Like I am for the lucky tools of A Beautiful Story! 

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