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lucky jobs

We make impact

Our products are created on the other side of the world. Not just by manufacturers far away, but by professionals who are a part of us. Back in 2006, a silver factory in Nepal experienced financial difficulties. Our founder Cathelijne knew the team personally. Coincidentally or not, she had just quit her job at Sara Lee Douwe Egberts. And if you can sell coffee, surely you can sell jewelry.

living wage

We believe that you deserve an honest wage for the work you do. A living wage is what you need to meet your basic needs. Not a minimum wage as set by the government of a country. A living wage is sufficient to build a basic life for yourself and your children.

we go fairer

At A Beautiful Story, we go further than a living wage: we aim for a living wage plus. Our artisans think education is very important. And so do we. With the wages they earn, their children can attend schools that provide a good quality education. We also think it's important for our artisans to put money aside. To be able to cope with unexpected costs, but also for their retirement.

from 80 to 100%

But how do you calculate a living wage plus? We asked our artisans what they need. 51 of them kept a housekeeping book for us. 45 creators filled out a questionnaire. And we talked to 12 artisans and 4 managers. This is how we determined the living wage plus. Currently, 80% of our artisans receive a living wage plus. In 2023 we aim for 100%.

we grow together

Co-creating is not just about working together. To make an impact, we are going for long-term partnerships. We choose manufacturers who work with a vision, such as women’s empowerment. Working conditions are fair and safe, and a good ground for independence. We develop programs for independent entrepreneurs with leadership skills. Together, we improve our supply chain. We learn from each other. We grow together.

that's what our lucky tools do

Speaking of growing together, in 2006, we were working with a group of 12 goldsmiths. Now we offer 217 honest jobs in Nepal and, recently, India. We aim for 1000 lucky jobs on different continents by 2025. We achieve this with our lucky tools, because the more lucky tools we make, the more employment we create and therefore more lucky jobs. This way, our jewelry and gifts have a story, a meaning. 

growing is being happy

The meaning of our lucky tools is reflected in the gemstone or symbol, in the country where we make the gifts by hand, and in the beautiful stories. We are cheerleaders for growth: achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Personal growth makes you happy. We’re not the only ones who believe so, research backs it up as well. With our items, the sky is your limit.

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so much to tell

We could talk for hours. About what we experience. About how we make a difference, what our team is like, and how much craftmanship goes into our products. You can find our impact report here. Read all about how we make an impact and how we measure it. Where we produce and with whom. You can also read about our dreams for the future here. What beautiful stories we dream and tell.

Read the complete impact report here

from here to there and back again

To state it quite clearly: we don't just provide lucky jobs abroad. Here in The Netherlands, we’re also lucky bastards with jobs that make all this possible. We are one family, one team. You can’t create an impact by yourself. Read more about the team of A Beautiful Story.

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