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let's go inside

Let's go

Are you coming in?

A moment away from the outside world

Inside you will find your fire

A flame for creation

The power for your journey


Let's go inside


In the outside world, there is much to create. But the power of creation is mostly found within yourself. The Outside does not exist without the inside. And the inside does not exist without the outside. They need each other. One inspires the other. Soon the leaves will fall from the trees. Did you know that a leaf represents wisdom? Nature is letting go. She is getting ready for hibernation. Animals are retreating to their holes. Let's take a lesson from nature, follow its rhythm. And inside, too. Who knows what we might discover inside. By the fireplace. Staring into the flickering flames. With a cup of hot tea. When you let the calmness wash over you, let the dust settle, space is created. Space for renewal. And we desperately need it in this world.

Especially for this season we have our colors of the season, jewelry for the fireplace with stories and tips to inspire you and gemstones to recharge you. For our makers in Nepal, now is the most beautiful time of the year. Read all about Daishan here. 

Will you join us inside?

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