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lapis lazuli makes friends everywhere

Whether it's a sincere friendship or a deep connection with a family member, lapis lazuli is here for the two of you. Lapis helps you connect. From your wisdom and the way you communicate.

Let it flow

Just as you can’t separate a wave from the sea, you can’t detach yourself from your surroundings. And the way you talk says something about the way you connect with your environment. Lapis lazuli clears the way for you, releases positive energy in you and gives all the space to the wisdom and cheerfulness you already carry within you. This is how you make friends with this deep blue stone. Lapis means ‘stone and lazuli comes from the Persian word ‘lazward’ which means blue. Blue stone. It's that simple.

Say what you think, kindly

Expressing yourself and speaking freely? With lapis lazuli close to your throat - in long earrings or a beautiful necklace - you can say what you think, and always remain friendly. No matter what your message is. Make friends with yourself? A lapis lazuli bracelet reminds you of your mission. And remember, kindness strengthens the bond with everyone: friends, family and colleagues.

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Make no secret of it

Did you know that centuries ago at the courts of castles there was a secret language with flowers and gemstones? Lapis would say: love me and I love you. Or simply: good luck. Today you can still use those messages. Maybe it’s even better when the sender is known.

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Hands tell a story

The more stories we tell, the more honest jobs we create. Every day the workshops in Nepal and India buzz with the sounds of craftsmanship: the cutting, soldering and stringing of jewelry. All fair trade and handmade. In the workshops there’s also room for friendships. Even after working hours it’s pleasantly busy and our artisans play card games together.

Our jewelry goes from Nepal to A Beautiful Story to you. And you may give them away as a gift. Something with that wave and that sea. We keep saying: lapis lazuli makes friends everywhere.

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