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labradorite protects you

Labradorite will come your way when you need strength, support, and self-confidence. It is a gemstone that protects. It was found by a priest in 1780 on a walk on the Labrador Peninsula in eastern Canada. Hence the name labradorite. Later, labradorite was found in Russia, Madagascar, and Finland. A gemstone of the world you might say. 

sparkle positive thoughts 

When labradorite sparkles at you with its peacock colors, it invites you to connect. With the universe and with yourself. That connection strengthens your intuition. According to gemology, labradorite energizes you. The gemstone also protects your thoughts. This will help you to stay positive.   

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reflect, breathe in, breathe out 

Everything is energy. So are gemstones. When you wear a gemstone close to your body, it radiates positive energy.  

The labradorite is known as a good helper. For instance, to reflect. Breathe in, breathe out. It helps you grow. It gives you a helping hand, calms your nervous system and relieves pain. Besides, labradorite happens to be a very beautiful gemstone. No one can deny that.  

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a piece of Northern lights 

The magical play of colors of the labradorite is called labradorising. The light refracts on the crystals on the surface. The dark minerals reflect yellow, gold, orange and green. According to an Inuit legend, a warrior struck a large piece of labradorite with his sword. Magnificent colors were released into the night sky. You guessed it: the Northern Lights.  

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dare to shine 

The powers of this gemstone are like his wishes for you. Grind away what you no longer need. Add a golden sheen to all the grey things in life. Connect with all that’s beautiful in the universe. Radiate like the Northern Lights. Just like labradorite does. Success is assured. 

lucky tools and lucky jobs 

We sell jewelry and gifts that bring luck. We call them lucky tools. From a card that comforts to a bracelet that celebrates a friendship. All our items have a story to tell. For the giver because you're really telling something with your gift. For our artisans in Nepal, because they can build a life with their craftsmanship.  

Your purchase in our webshop or at one of our points of sale, provides employment in places where it’s badly needed. 

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