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jewelry with garnet

Garnet is not to be missed. A powerful and energizing stone in an intense red color. In the Middle Ages, the stone was called ‘carbuncle’. ‘Car’ stands for darkness and ‘buncle’ for spark. Garnet is like candlelight in the dark, full of passion, motivation and creativity. When problems pile up, garnet gives you courage and perseverance. With passion comes desire and romance, and garnet is a big fan of these feelings as well. 

festive gemstone 

The best place for garnet is in your ears, on a finger or near your heart. And guess what? We do carry garnet earrings, rings and necklaces in our collection to wear on all those body parts. Garnet is classic, dominant and festive. That’s why this gemstone has been widely used for years in royal jewelry. To feel like a queen.

garnet earrings

Garnet also activates other crystals. That's why garnet matches so well. A classic combination is garnet with labradorite like the Unity ring. Or do you prefer garnet by itself in handmade, elegant earrings? Also, don't forget to give your loved ones a garnet with the gemstone cards. According to ancient stories, garnet helps keep love alive. Even after a long time apart, love blossoms again, like never before.

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Fair trade and handmade jewelry 

All our jewelry is fair trade and handmade in Nepal. By our beloved artisans. When you share the same passion, you can do nothing but flame. Garnet is a stone of commitment.

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