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jewelry guide for the festive season

Jewelry for Christmas breakfast - sporty, comfortable and festive

The holidays are coming. Christmas, New Year's Eve, friendsgiving. A month to pull out all the stops. From a visit to your grandparents to a dressed-up New Year's party. From Christmas breakfast to drinks with friends. Every occasion calls for a different outfit. The finishing touch to every outfit? Jewelry. Jewelry is nice to wear, but nice to give as well. We all know that. And our artisans in Nepal, they like to make it for you. So you can shine in this dark month.

Take your time to wake up. With this jewelry, you certainly won't have a morning mood. Start your day calm and relaxed in your favorite tracksuit. Combined with the magical labradorite necklace and the wildflower necklace. Labradorite has beautiful characteristics such as protection, strength and confidence. How about adding some extra pzazz with a swing- or a nova labradorite necklace? Voila, you're ready to shine. Sporty, comfortable and festive. Nice bonus: labradorite also attracts success. Success assured at the party table.

Complete your outfit with matching bracelets and powerful earrings. Your dinner companions will definitely notice your well-thought-out outfit. And, in this outfit you'll be able to indulge in a good meal, too. 

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jewelry for your Christmas dinner - classic and elegant

For a chic dinner, choose a set with a necklace. Black and white is a classic and makes you look even more elegant. Go for these elegant black onyx earrings combined with the tender black onyx necklace. Are you into Christmas colors? How about a set like the festivity aventurine tiger eye earrings with the sparkles aventurine necklace? Aventurine also gives a boost to keep the fun conversations with your family and in laws going. 

Are you into a classic look? Follow the neckline of what you're wearing with a necklace. With a round neckline, a variation of the rainbow necklace is a nice match. The key to a chic look? Less is more. 

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jewelry for drinks with your friends – colorful

Having drinks and a good time with friends or a friendsgiving dinner. Go for bohemian, layered necklaces with different gemstones. Mixing silver and gold jewelry might have been considered a fashion faux pas, nowadays it’s cool to mix metals. Brighten up the holidays and go all color galore with sparkling stones and different necklaces and bracelets. With this outfit, you can combine a round necklace with a V-shape in layers. From short to long, you can choose the rainbow necklace with a radiate necklace and a feminine necklace.

Collect all your bracelets like the dazzle bracelet with the jacky bracelet on your left arm. A treasure bracelet with a happiness bracelet on your right. Have you got your earrings in?

How about surprising your friends with a gemstone card? That way, you add an extra beautiful bracelet to your collection that makes you think of her. And she of you, of course.

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Earrings and bracelets for your New Year's Eve dress

With New Year's Eve we glitter into the new year. If you’re wearing a busy outfit, choose a statement jewelry piece. Like the superwrap bracelet or the double bracelets from the anniversary collection.  

Do you like powerful earrings? The thankful moonstone earrings are right up your alley. Start the new year by stepping into your feminine power. Naturally, you can also choose a piece of jewelry with a symbol that reminds you of your intentions for the new year. There are plenty of reasons to decorate yourself beautifully. 

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