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ingredients for an unforgettable evening

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we’re really starting to look forward to those long summer nights. How about inviting your friends over for an evening of fun? Delicious food, refreshing drinks, and deep conversations. 

Collecting adventures 

This is the beginning of a summer filled with great moments. Perhaps you have a long journey planned. Or maybe you're just going to stay at home and explore your own city. Collect adventures and carry the memories with you forever. The long evenings are the perfect time to invite your friends over and enjoy each other's company. Cheers to summer and life itself! 

An evening to remember 

Cathelijne, founder of A Beautiful Story, moved from the city to a village and ended up in a new group of friends. Women with busy family lives, demanding jobs, and other commitments. Every month, they got together. Cathelijne was looking for a way to get to know each other on a deeper level. This is how the idea for the 52 questions card game was born. Inspiring questions to start special conversations with. It became an evening filled with wonderful stories we’ll never forget. Which question will you ask? Stories connect, just listen.

Here you’ll find our different card games. 

Personalized drinks 

Nothing makes your evening more personal than signature cocktails. Everyone has a story that makes them unique, and it’s the same with flavors. Maybe you always have exhilarating new ideas and a clear understanding of problems. Then, a fresh cocktail like a Mojito has your name on it. Together with aventurine earrings, this is a perfect match. Are you looking for a drink to celebrate love? Choose a Cosmopolitan and a rose quartz necklace. Love guaranteed! To help you find your signature drink, take a look at the recipes for our A Beautiful Story family's 4 favorite cocktails below.

Our favorite A Beautiful Story summer cocktails 

Mojito - Floor's favorite cocktail

‘Mojitos always remind me of my travels through South America. They immediately put me in a summer mood. This cocktail is my go-to cocktail, not too sweet and in my favorite color. It's also a perfect match with aventurine.’ - Floor (e-commerce manager)

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What do you need?

- 30 ml white rum (for non-alcoholic use Sprite)
- 90 ml sparkling water
- 15 ml lime juice
- 12 fresh mint leaves
- 1 sprig of mint
- 1 lime wedge
- 2 teaspoons of cane sugar
- Ice cubes
- Ladle or mortar
- Your favorite glass 

Get started

1. Put the lime juice and the sugar in your glass
2. Stir briskly with a cocktail muddler, or the back of a wooden spoon
3. Crush the mint leaves and add them to your glass
4. Add the rum (or Sprite for non-alcoholic) and sparkling water
5. Fill your glass to the brim with ice cubes
6. Stir all ingredients gently to allow them to chill down
7. Garnish with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint 

Pina Colada - Anneke's favorite cocktail

‘A Pina Colada immediately gives me that summer feeling because of the coconut flavor. For me, it's the perfect drink to serve when my best friends drop by. We reminisce about all our vacations together.’ - Anneke (webshop coordinator) 

What do you need?

- 30ml white rum or coconut rum
- 30ml coconut milk
- 1 spoonful of condensed milk
- 30ml pineapple juice

Get started

1. Grab your blender or cocktail shaker
2. Add the rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk and condensed milk
3. Mix it up!
4. Fill a large glass with ice cubes
5. Pour the pina colada mix into the glass

Pornstar Martini - Karine's favorite cocktail 

‘The sweet flavors of the Pornstar Martini make me feel like I'm on a warm tropical island. When I close my eyes and take a sip, it's like taking a little trip. And then, my boyfriend and I think of all the places in the world we still want to discover together.’ Karine (customer service) 

What do you need?

- 30 ml vanilla vodka
- 25 ml passion fruit liqueur such as Passoa
- Frozen slices of passion fruit
- 10 ml lime juice
- Half a passion fruit
- Ice
- Cocktail shaker
- Small sieve or strainer
- Martini glass
- Shot glass of prosecco and a spoon

Get started

1. Place the lime juice, vodka, Passoa and slices of passion fruit in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake until your shaker fogs up
2. Pour the cocktail through a strainer (without ice) into a martini glass
3. Let the passion fruit float on top of your Martini
4. Serve a shot glass of prosecco alongside your Pornstar Martini
5. Spoon out the passion fruit first, add the shot of prosecco and only then drink your Martini.

Cosmopolitan - Nienke's favorite cocktail  

‘Rose quartz is my favorite gemstone. It doesn’t only remind me of self-love, but also of the love I have for the people around me. And what cocktail matches the color of rose quartz better than a Cosmopolitan? I love its fresh taste!' - Nienke (visual content specialist)

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What do you need?

- 45 ml Ketel One Lemon vodka
- 30 ml Cointreau
- 15 ml fresh lime juice
- 10 ml cranberry juice
- Orange peel
- Martini glass 

Get started 

1. Fill a shaker with ice cubes.
2. Add the Ketel One Lemon Vodka, the Cointreau, the fresh lime juice, and the cranberry juice
3. Shake until the shaker is thoroughly cold to the touch
4. Pour and strain into a Martini glass
5. Garnish with a slice of orange peel

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