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how we make an impact

It all starts with an idea. For us it was the idea of our founder Cathelijne to start selling jewelry instead of coffee for a multinational. When a befriended owner of a silver factory in Nepal experienced financial difficulties, Cathelijne decided to come to the rescue.

We make lucky tools 

In that same silver factory we make our first lucky tools: jewelry with meaning. For the artisans, as well as for you. With the lucky tools we tell positive stories that encourage you and take you further. The jewelry with gemstones gives you strength or wings, bring happiness or comfort.  

These are our lucky tools

A lucky tool makes a lucky job 

By purchasing our lucky tools, lucky jobs are created. Artisans make a decent income in Nepal thanks to a living wage plus. By earning their own money, they become role models in their communities. Also, we choose producers who make an impact. Who focus on women, use special craft techniques or environmentally friendly materials. 

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We stay, we are 1 family 

As a role model you need leadership skills and a long-term goal. You only succeed if you establish long-term relationships. Is Nepal not always the best place to produce jewelry? We stay anyway. That way our artisans can rely on a stable income. Now and in the future. The lucky tools don't just give you strength or wings. They also give us strength. Together we work on beautiful stories. A Beautiful Story. 

How much impact we make and how we measure it, you can read here.

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