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Hooray - A Beautiful Story is a B Corp

Impact on all fronts

Cathelijne Lania, founder and CEO of A Beautiful Story, says: “We are very proud. This is a very important recognition for us and the work we do. B Corp is an assessment of our impact on all fronts. It measures how well we are really doing.”

Impact manager, Eva de Bruin, adds: “We are often asked what our makers earn. A Beautiful Story is committed to a living wage plus. With a living wage plus you are not only surviving, but you can build a life. You can easily provide for all your basic needs, such as food, a roof over your head and medical care. Not only that, but you can also save for later and offer your children quality education.”

200 lucky jobs in Nepal and India

A Beautiful Story has now created over 200 lucky jobs in Nepal and India and is working hard on a dream: 1,000 lucky jobs in 2025 on several continents. A Beautiful Story wants to show that you can work this way anywhere in the world, because everyone has the right to create the most beautiful story of his or her life.

About the brand

A Beautiful Story sells lucky tools: jewelry and gifts that bring good luck. From a card that comforts, to a bracelet that celebrates friendship. All items have a story. For the giver, you can really tell something with your gift. For the makers, they can build a life with their handwork. With your purchase you provide employment in places where it is really needed. Production started in 2006 with a group of 10. The dream is that there will be 1,000 in a few years. That dream is getting closer. You can find A Beautiful Story in more than 800 stores across Europe.


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