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Happy aventurine.

Happiness & patience

Our jewelry featuring green aventurine is part of our Classics. Like all our jewelry, handmade by our artisans in Nepal. Fair trade. This joyful gemstone is found in China or Russia’s Ural Mountains. Joyful because aventurine attracts abundance and happiness. Of course, in collaboration with your mind-set, because that's where it starts. 


Cherish what is 

If you want aventurine to help you, start by focusing your mind-set on abundance. Abundance is there. Just look around you. Gifts can be found or made everywhere. A cheerful field bouquet, a bowl of blackberries, your pancake plant giving birth to a little one. Or how about the seeds in a tomato or a bell pepper? Sow and harvest. All gifts from Mother Earth, just for you. Just like the aventurine. Something given with love and consideration is the greatest gift. The law of love is to multiply. This is how abundance is created. 


Let yourself be guided by fate

Aventurine helps to remind you that the possibilities are endless and limitless. Such a message energizes and prepares you for an adventurous life. Whether it's a new step in your career, a journey, or a relationship. On the road with aventurine, you’ll experience joy. Because of the sun glinting through the trees, or a smiling passerby. And most of all, a lot of joy for the moment. The here and now. With aventurine, let yourself be guided by fate. By a destiny called love.