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gemstones for autumn

These gemstones match the transition from summer to autumn. And from autumn to winter. Mix different gemstones and symbols and carry their meaning close to you. It will get you through those autumn days.

Smoky quartz helps you to move on

Is it time to let go? Smoky quartz gives you clarity. A clean slate, a fresh start. Cherish smoky quartz on a long cherish necklace. The message of smoke quartz: the quieter you become, the more you can hear.

Red garnet boosts your energy

Red garnet is not to be missed. A powerful, deep red stone full of fire, motivation and creativity that helps you discover your own spark. Snuggle by the fireplace, stare into the flames and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

This Jacky bracelet with garnet and a heart charm is handmade in Nepal. The message of garnet: energy flows where intention goes. The heart represents warmth and self-care.

Focus with black onyx

Black onyx is serious and confident. Sometimes you don’t dare to do things by yourself and you need that extra push. With black onyx you have the focus and confidence to do what you want. Together you’ll get there. With this gemstone you feel light. A gemstone that matches well with a star symbol. The message of black onyx: I create my own happiness.

You only have one goal, become who you are. Make it your personal mantra when you stand in front of the mirror with these becoming earrings.

Labradorite has strong intuition

Don't know what to do? Labradorite will show you the way. By gathering your strengths, you attract success. Isn't that a nice bonus?

On your path, wear the pure bracelet with the quote the joy is in the journey. Dragonfly knows all about that. A beautiful combination.

The message of labradorite: follow your intuition.

Gemstone guide

Would you like to know which other gemstones suit you?

Check out our gemstone guide and find out which gemstone is calling you. 

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