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Our jewelry and accessories are made on the other side of the world. In Nepal and India. By craftsmen who are part of our family. It’s because of their craftsmanship that they can build a life. And the giver gives a beautiful meaning as a present. Which the receiver gets. See? Happiness for everyone! That's why we call them lucky tools. 

Honoring traditional craftsmanship

It’s important to us that our lucky tools are made by hand. A traditional craft that has passed on from generation to generation. Sand casting, for example, is such a craft. This age-old technique uses sand, wax, fire, and metal. All of a sudden beautiful charms with symbols emerge. Like the dragonfly on the dazzle bracelet. She whispers messages to you about change. And gemstone aventurine is always up for adventure. When they are together, it’s party time.  

Would you like to see how we work together as 1 family on our lucky tools in Nepal? Watch the video here.

We are family - designing together

We use lots of small beads in our jewelry. Naturally, the stringing is done by hand which requires a lot of concentration and precision. First, the artisans count the fair trade beads, then they put the needle and thread through the beads, in a specific order. 

This Jacky bracelet of glass beads with a sand cast symbol and a tiger eye is strung on 1 thread. It takes a total of 67 minutes to make this type of bracelet. In 2020, we sold 9,576 of them. Do the math. Also, the artisan in Nepal earns 23% more than the minimum wage. That's what you call a lucky tool with meaning. 

Tiger's eye says it all: just follow your intuition and beautiful stories will come up. Cathelijne, founder of A Beautiful Story, knows all about that. She quit her job at Douwe Egberts to save a silver factory. A matter of following her intuition. Read her story here.

A lucky tool

Yes, we make our items by hand. They have meaning for the artisan, giver, and receiver. That meaning doesn’t just come from the gemstone or symbol. It also comes from the way the lucky tool is made. And the impact they make. In the countries where we sell our products, we share positive stories that help you grow. To realize your goals and your dreams. It’s our dream to offer more and more jobs to people who really need them. Our lucky tools are the basis of a beautiful story, for everyone.

You can find all our lucky tools here.

Want to know more about how we make an impact? 

Find our online impact report here.


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