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focus with black onyx

Let the calm wash over you like the coolness of the night. Black onyx keeps an eye on you and grounds you. The color of this gemstone is dark. Funnily enough, black onyx actually helps you feel lighter. Your light will shine so brightly, that you illuminate a pathway for others.


There’s no doubt about it that the depth of black onyx will draw your attention. And that's exactly what this dark gemstone gives you: focus. Go into depth. Don't let your attention fragment. Where focus goes, energy flows. Black onyx protects you from negative feelings and thoughts. So you can focus your attention and energy on your dreams.  

Feel the attraction of jewelry with black onyx

Know yourself, feel self-confident 

Have you ever noticed that black isn’t really black? A jackdaw's feather always has a golden or blue sheen. On a dark night, the moon and the stars shine bright. Or you notice a silver streak on the horizon. Are you feeling down? Look up at the sun, the moon, and the stars. There are rays of light everywhere. 

Want to be someone else’s ray of light?  

Give a gemstone card as a gift: 1 necklace to wear and 1 to give away. To celebrate you and me

Going home to your inner strength 

When do you feel strong? Most likely it’s when you feel at home. At a place where you can be yourself. Black onyx helps you make the decisions that take you back to that feeling. Wherever you are. 

So don't forget to bring black onyx with you, on a Jacky bracelet for example. Together with the star as a symbol, your path will be magically lit. 

When the sun rises 

We love stories. In one ear, out the other. When night falls here, the sun rises in Nepal. By telling stories, we create jobs on the other side of the world. Our artisans in Nepal make a living wage plus. That's why our jewelry is called lucky tools. Because they bring happiness: to the ones who create them and to the ones who wear them. Under the sun, the moon, and the stars. 

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