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Find your treasure

No matter where you come from, no matter how old you are, we all have our own unique story. The very characteristics that set us apart are what make us beautiful. Let's welcome the differences in one another. Let’s share each other's stories. The holidays are perfect for that. The combinations in these treasures will surely inspire you. Also after the holidays.   

Go treasure hunting

Every year we design a collection with limited editions. That way you really have something unique. For the treasures from this fall's Festive Treasure Collection, we combine the power of different gemstones. The message of these festive items? Go treasure hunting. We all have different talents. When we unite those differences, we can make a difference.  

We are links in a chain

Together we go further. The design of this collection shows that. Layered necklaces, double bracelets, linked earrings and combining different gemstones. A metaphor for how everything is connected. All fair trade and made by hand in Nepal. The energy of garnet and the courage of carnelian. The optimism of citrine and the grace of tiger's eye. Would you like to focus on connection with lapis lazuli and black onyx? Do you want to boost your intuition with labradorite and garnet? Or does the Glamorous Tiger's Eye Aventurine Necklace have your name on it?


The mood is good and we feel blessed. That's what this jewelry exudes. With faceted gemstones, brass, metal beads and symbols like a swallow and olive branch. The names say it all: glow, glory, fireworks. How about this Glory Garnet Carnelian Bracelet

Discover your own treasure. Cherish it.

Before, during and after the holidays. 


Preview: BL30520_2 Preview: AW30910-Heaven-Labradorite-Black-Onyx-Gold-NecklaceXjw3ldd2JgBlH