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finally a safe place: the story of ganga and yashica

We are in regular contact with our retailers. Our colleague, Diann, sent a survey to German retailers about product development, and as a thank you for completing it, the retailers could choose either a discount on the next order or a donation for books for Nepalese children. That survey resulted in the donation of 288 children's books. These are now in a mini-library, where Yashica and her mother Ganga often visit. Read their moving story here.

Brain Damage

Every year, Eva, our impact manager and our contact person Anouk, go to our workshops in Nepal. At Hatti Hatti, the supplier who turns old saris into lucky tools for us, they met Ganga. Ganga lives with Yashica, her 5-year-old daughter. Yashica has cerebral palsy, a brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation during birth. In addition, Ganga also has a disability that makes one of her hands more difficult to use. 

Going to the workshop until care is available

Ganga says her work is hard on her. She cannot keep up with it physically and moreover, Yashica is alone at home when Ganga is at work. In fact, Ganga is completely by herself. She has no friends or family to support her and, of course, there must be money to be made. Eva and Anouk immediately agree with Hatti Hatti that Yashica can come with them to the workshop until there is a better solution. After that, Anouk will look for a structural solution. 

Learning to sit by herself

She contacts SGCP, a care and therapy center in Nepal for children with cerebral palsy. Yashica and Ganga followed therapy for a month. Yashica learned to sit by herself, and Ganga learned to take even better care of her daughter. 

When Anouk finds a home for single mothers, she does everything she can to place Ganga and Yashica there. Sadly, the shelter did not have the courage to do it. They had little experience with children with disabilities. Anouk does not give up: and after 2 months she succeeds anyway. 

Skills for a new job

Ganga and Yashica have been living in the house for 3 months now, and they are doing much better. In 1 to 2 years, women in the house learn everything about finance, hygiene, education and work. Here, Ganga learned new skills for a job. Children go to school and get tutoring to catch up. Meanwhiel, Anouk is busy working on a daycare for Yashica.  

A stocked mini-library

Thanks to the donation from our German retailers, the mini-library in the shelter where Yashica and Ganga live, now contains 288 books. Yashica enjoys them every day. As do the other children in the home. 

"It's like Christmas with all those books. I'm so excited! A thousand thanks!"
- Chyntia, founder of the shelter


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